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"Lots of Wenches is what I need."

Formed in Perth, Scottland, Alestorm considers itself as a pirate metal band, chanting tales of swashbuckling devilry under riffs of electric guitars. Alestorm proved to be a major influence for The PVKII Team, with the mod showing references to their music, and they even went on to create their own contribution.


Alestorm was formed in 2004 by a group of men on their early 20s, under the name Battleheart. In 2006 the band recorded two demos and made their first live performance. After recording the second demo the band suffered a lot of changes, such as the departure of several members, including the lead vocals, and even the passing of one of the members. To this day Christopher Bowes, the keyboardist and the current lead vocals, is the only of the original members that continues to work on Alestorm.

In 2007 the band signed with Napalm Records, an independent label focused in metal and hard rock; since then the name Battleheart was retired and replaced by the current one. In 2008 their debut studio album Captain Morgan's Revenge was released, followed by Black Sails at Midnight a year later; in the meantime several tours on Europe and the United States were made alongside other Napalm Records bands. In order to promote their third album Back Through Time, in 2011 the band made its first world tour, passing through Australia, New Zealand, as well various countries in Europe and the United States. In August 2014, roughly three months before the release of Beta 3.0 (on which the lead member made a contribution in said update), Alestorm released his latest album Sunset on the Golden Age.

In Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

The band served as inspiration for most of Skirmisher's battle cries, which are played whenever a round starts. Skirmisher sings the chorus from the songs Wenches and Mead and Captain Morgan's Revenge, both of them from the debut album; he also shouts "black sails at midnight", as a reference to both the song and the album of the same name, and "set sail and conquer" referencing the song from the first album. Skirmisher's voice is also reminiscent of that of the lead member.

Christopher Bowes lend his voice as a celebrity announcer, providing pirate-themed voice lines for each game mode. Many of the lines also reference songs from the band, such as No Quarter and Keelhauled.

On the Community

The Slammin' Butt Pirates servers use samples from a handful of Alestorm's songs, one of them being Rum. In many occasions, more than one sample from the same song can be played on the soundboard.


  • Alestorm has a cover of the infamous song You Are a Pirate, from the popular kids show Lazy Town, and it can be heard in special editions of the album Back Through Time. Samples of the song can also be heard in the Slammin' Butt Pirates servers.

See Also

  • Jaldaboath, a medieval-themed metal band/musician.

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