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Archers are masters of ranged combat and can kill anyone from a distance without getting the teensiest bit bloody! In melee, however... Archers should generally avoid melee.

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General Strategy

  • Keep your distance, the longbow is good enough at range to permit this.
  • Team up with a Heavy Knight, and let him fight the fight.
  • Run over missed arrows to collect them.
  • Avoid melee fights unless your opponents are low on health.
  • Avoid sitting around like a duck. You are not the only one with ranged weapons.
  • Reposition to surprise your enemies.
  • Avoid shooting your teammates. They will notice and they will not appreciate it.

Weapon Specific Strategy


The only extra long-ranged weapon with a reasonable shooting speed.

  • Arrows arc downwards while flying, and need some time to reach their target, so lead your shot a little.
  • Charging increases distance and damage, but slows you down a touch.
  • You cannot draw an arrow while jumping, but you can jump while drawing an arrow.
  • Three fully-charged hits will fill your special meter, or two fully-charged hits and a sneeze dealing five damage.
  • Arrows cannot penetrate a shield, but will deal some of the most consistent damage out of every other weapon in the game to them instead.
  • Shoot enemy Parrots for your teammates. Or the Captain. Yeah, shoot the Captain.
  • The Longbow deals less damage in melee range. Avoid melee range.

Special: Flaming Arrows

Although a little awkward to land, its effective range is unmatched.

  • Three arrows are lossed, and each one will only hit, damage, and knock back one target each.
  • Most effective against small groups, specifically, small groups of weakened enemies holding shields in your way.
  • The arrows travel quickly, but they still arc downward like regular arrows.
  • It is quite difficult for opponents to dodge the arrows at medium range, but they can still predict when and how you might shoot.
  • The arrows spread out dramatically past close range, meaning an opponent might have two arrows whizz past them harmlessly if you're lackadaisical about aiming.
  • Despite appearing to be arrows, these ones pierce shields completely.
  • It is not unusual for enemies to jump over these arrows. Wait for them to jump, and fire at their landing zone.


Like an on-demand version of the Longbow, only more concentrated.

  • Always aim it for increased damage and accuracy. Hip-shots are significantly less effective.
  • Knocks enemies back.
  • Can damage enemies through shields, though the damage is reduced.
  • The perfect weapon to snipe far enemies.
  • Reloading takes three seconds. Cancel the reload by switching weapon.
  • If you are in a melee fight, most players will expect you to fire it immediately. Finish them off with a deadly shot after a bit of swordplay.
  • This weapon can score headshots. They're easier to land when your target is facing you, but less likely to be dodged when they're not.


Good for spreading butter.

  • Weakest sword there is. (The Fancy Dagger is not a sword.)
  • Still your weapon of choice if an enemy gets into melee range.
  • Think of it as your best defense against melee strikes, and parry as many as you can while as you retreat to teammates/bravely fight back and die.
  • If you can't shoot an incoming Parrot out of the sky with one shot, use this instead.
  • Fourth best humiliating weapon (after Punch, Hook, and Fancy Dagger).

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