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Concept art of the Assassin made by Hengishammer from the PVKII Developer team

The Assassin is the Knights' stealth class. In addition to having two unique weapons, the Stilleto and the Crossbow Pistol, the Assassin can drop Caltrops to slow down pursuers. Also, the assassin has the ability to camouflage himself.


Crossbow Pistol


Damage: Moderate

Damage Type: Piercing

Speed: Fast

Primary Attack: Primary fires the crossbow pistol, no need to aim with it. You can hold up to 25 bolts at once.



Damage: Weak

Damage Type: Generic

Speed: N/A

These are left on the ground and will cause damage to a player walking on them. They will also slow that player down.


Stiletto Render

Damage: Moderate

Damage Type: Cutting

Speed: Fast

Primary attack: This is a slashing attack with the Stiletto, 4 methods.

Block: Allows the Assassin to parry incoming hits.

Special: Stab. This is a powerful thrust that does horrific damage from behind.


This can be activated any time by pressing an assigned key. The Assassin fades from view a certain percentage. Once the Assassin moves, the disguise is gone and he can be seen as normal. Camouflage works better in shadows and dark places.