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Much like anyone who gets swallowed by the beast, it's unknown if this map will ever see the light of day.

The map got a surprise reveal in late 2013 and pictures of it had shown the map as playable and finished in general, but after that it was barely mentioned by the development team and as of 2017 no news were posted.


If the map ever gets a release, it will stand out from all official maps due to its presentation. Rather than taking place in an actual location, the players fight each others inside the belly of an unknown creature, with acid juice that fills the bottom of the stomach and guts that behave at the player's movements. The only light sources in the map come from small lamp-like organisms which might get the effect thanks to bioiluminescence. As a Last Team Standing map, the map's layout looks very narrow and claustrophobic compared to other maps of said game mode, or even all maps in general.


The map was being developed by Tschoppo, who started working on it after the release of his other map Townsquare. Development of the map was coming along very nicely, to the point of CrazyTalk announcing the Bellyhazard Concept Contest, on December 6th 2013.[1] Each contestant had the goal of creating concept art for potential props to be used in Bellyhazard. Ten days later, six contestants saw their entries in the final poll, with two of them winning the competition: the ruined lighthouse by Rheidhar, and Captain's missing leg and arm, both undigested, suggested by then-beta tester Denshin.

After the competition ended, very little of the map's progress was shown. By the time Tschoppo left the PVK Team, many believed that Bellyhazard was scrapped entirely. However, with the mod's Trello boards being available to the public by the time the Beta 3.1 update was released on March 2015, it was revealed that Bellyhazard was, in fact, unfinished and it currently needs mappers to complete the map and make it available to the public.[2] On Trello's description of the map, it's written that development on the map was planned after Tschoppo left the team, but many dev members and testers thought that the map was too unfeasible to get a redesign nor it was properly optimized for gameplay. As a result it's unknown when will the map get revisited.


  • Though it's speculation, many believe that the map takes place inside the belly of the octoshark, the monster that is often mentioned on easter eggs, as well being the logo of Octoshark Studios, PVK Team's alternative name.


The following gallery shows all screenshots of Bellyhazard that have ever been shown online.

  • Belly1lrg.jpg
  • Belly2lrg.jpg
  • Belly3lrg.jpg
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  • Belly5lrg.jpg

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