Berserker Strategy

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Berserkers have no patience for encumbering armor and prefer to take the anger-inducing pain in their stride, and it's one hell of a stride.

Berserker Tactic.jpg

General Strategy

  • Use your speed to flank opponents, and engage them before they notice you.
  • Let shield-bearing Huscarls and Gestirs escort you through areas guarded by Archers and Sharpshooters.
  • You've got plenty of health, but very low armor. Without it, you are significantly easier to kill.
  • Stick to flanking, hit-and-run, and combat support until you charge your special.
  • Avoid losing all of your health to an enemy you fail to kill, or else they'll accrue enough damage for a special of their own.
  • Chase down opponents wounded by thrown axes and javelins.

Weapon Specific Strategy

Big Axe

Surprisingly quick for a giant stone axe. Fitting for a surprisingly quick giant Viking warrior.

  • It swings quickly compared to other two-handed weapons, the charge speed is about average though.
  • As a two-handed weapon, it can easily perfectly parry other weapons. Nice try, veakling!
  • Forget about fully charging your attacks against small weapons; keep the pressure on!
  • It's especially useful against opponents that try to dodge, as its damage is concentrated in one big swing.
  • Despite its size, its range is not that great.

Sword & Axe

A sword, for chopping. An axe, also for... Chopping.

  • Keep an eye on your target's movements. Predict their movements to keep your combo going.
  • Rapidly clicking the attack button will allow you to change your attack direction while moving without slowing the assault.
  • The damage is only average, but the attack speed shouldn't even be possible!
  • Block incoming attacks and shield-bashes in-between onslaughts.
  • They'll shred shields in no time.
  • Particularly effective against unaware opponents.
  • You can use a charged backwards attack to break through blocks.

Special: Red Mist

One of the most unique specials in that it works with more than one weapon. It is also the longest-lasting special.

  • It boosts every aspect of the Berserker and his weapons.
  • Attack speed.
  • Damage.
  • Movement speed. You're so fast you can catch up to fleeing Skirmishers. Nice try, coward!
  • Health, although the boost is only slight, and is lost when the rage ends. Try not to die. It may not be the most humiliating weapon to die to, but it is the most humiliating way to die.
  • Ability to pierce blocks. That's right, only shields can block an enraged Berserker, and even then, not completely nor for long.
  • Weapon range and armor are sadly not boosted.
  • Try to find some armor before you lose your temper. No sense in getting angry, only to die immediately.

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