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On January 25th 2007, Pirates, Vikings and Knights II released the Beta 1.1 build. Despite being a rather minimal update, it is notable for being the first major patch in the mod. It's also the patch with the shortest development cycle, lasting roughly three weeks.


Though the update brings minimal improvements the development team took care of several tweaks regarding gameplay and performance which prove to be substantial. Automatic team balancing is one of its main draws, as well disabling chest pickups in the players' own team chest area. LODs were added to the classes for richer detail.

Four of the five original maps were updated for balancing purposes, including a new spawn point for the Knights in Island, players being able to go to the water in Fort, new traps in Temple, among many other changes.



  • Performance optimizations
  • Added automatic team balancing
  • Disabled picking up chests in your own teams zone (mp_preventchestpickup)
  • Reduced keg damage and blast radius
  • Removed keg secondary attack
  • Kegs can be pushed with the use-key
  • Bunny hopping reduced
  • LoD's added to Models


  • Fixed duck-jumping attack passing through block
  • Fixed skirmisher special rolling off players
  • Fixed voice status not showing up in the HUD
  • Fixed friendlyfire increasing special

New commands

  • cl_ragdoll_enable, cl_ragdoll_lifetime, cl_ragdoll_limit

Use these to limit the number of visible ragdolls if you're having FPS issues

  • mp_limitteams

Maximum difference in player count allowed between the smallest and biggest teams (default is 2)

  • mp_autoteambalance

Forced team balancing


  • Spawns are now moved inside.
  • 3 areas indoor redone for better flow.
  • You can now access the water, but bevare of the fish!
  • Added a explosive barrel instead of the hanging cannon.
  • Fixed: you cant access any unwanted places by using skirmisher special anymore.


  • various small fixes throughout the entire map.
  • New beautiful environment sounds
  • New knight spawn upstairs.


  • Secret Rooms are now connected and bigger.
  • Doors will remain open while someone is inside.
  • Reduced barrel explosion range and number present.
  • Flame trap now hurts players rather than setting them on fire.
  • New (Player Activated) traps added to secret rooms.


  • Spawns moved and are now randomized throughout the entire map.
  • pirate and knight spawnplaces removed.
  • passageway underground between the winecellar and courtyard removed.

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