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A new update started development right after the release of Beta 2.1, and saw it's shipping three months later. While it didn't provide much substantial content in comparison to previous releases, it's notable for being the last client update to be released in external websites.

It was also the last update for the mod for over a year, until the release of Beta 2.3.


CrazyTalk originally planned to release Beta 2.2 as an extention of Beta 2.1, calling it Beta 2.1.1, with bug fixes as it's only purpose, but they decided to call it Beta 2.2 to avoid confusion; it was also planned to be called The Orange Box Update, where the mod would migrate to the then latest release of the Source Engine but that feature was postponed for Beta 2.3.[1]

In August 18th 2008, following the release of the Rabbit-Robot Article by Carlton Stevens, revealing an updated look for Arena and new effects for the Holy Grail mode. Concept rt for the Man-at-Arms and the Sharpshooter were also shown in the announcement post in the forums.[2]

The update was released in September 12th 2008, making it the final update to be published in external websites such as Filefront and ModDB. With the arrival of Beta 2.3 the mod received Steam support to provide automatic updates, among other new features released with said update. Users can still download this client in the mod's ModDB page.


Promotional artwork for the release of Beta 2.2. Art by Ocean.

Holy Grail mode was updated with some changes that made the game mode more accessible: the grail is automatically transfered to the player who kills the grail carrier, and said player gets his health and armor restores; the grail carrier also got reduced health and speed boost. The health boost from the players surrounding the grail was also removed; said feature would be implemented with the introduction of Trinket Wars. Most classes also received minor updates: the shields now block around 80% of explosion damage, the Heavy Knight's special meter was once again increased to get more damage, the keg's fuse sound can now be heard from the distance and it's throw damage was increased, as well the chests', among other balancing tweaks.


Only two maps received tweaks in this update: Arena and Saints. Saints got some detail improvements and small rooms were opened for the layout, while Arena got substantial changes, with ammo pickups removed from the map for balanced purposes, a new underground area and a new Sudden Death, as well new props added for cover.

HUD and Misc.

The HUD received a special update for the Holy Grail mode; the health and ammo bar now flash white when a player kills the grail carrier; a new effect was also added to the HUD when the player is being healed by the grail.

Two new type of cameras were added, which are triggered when the player falls to his own death; both cameras are stationary but one of them follows the ragdoll falling.

Parrot naming were also introduced in the mod, being available in the multiplaywe window in the options mode. Later updates would introduce the Character Info window, where the parrot naming feature is currently located. With a parrot killed, the name provided by the player (or Polly as it's default name) will appear on screen alongside the dead parrot icon.

Various icons were also included in this update.




  • Removed ammo pickups.
  • Added new sudden death feature.
  • Added more cover and new underground area.


  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Added details.
  • Opened up some small rooms.


  • Fixed timers not set correctly on the first round after map change in Grail mode.
  • Fixed arrows sometimes pushing the enemy towards the attacker instead of pushing him away.
  • Added a delay before teams can be switched again after joining a team.
  • Kegs that explode after the thrower has died no longer increase the special bar.
  • Fixed grail kills sometimes not counting when the killer had full health.
  • Fixed draw animation not playing for the hook weapon.
  • Fixed berserking health boost not working correctly when the player already has the health boost for holding the grail
  • Fixed bug with assisted suicide being possible at end of a round.
  • Modified the LTS times slightly.
  • Skirmisher, HK and Huscarl specials now break props so be careful around those explosive barrels!.
  • Removed cvars for changing item respawn delays.
  • Fixed health not showing up correctly in spectator gui if over 255 (happens with the grail health boost).
  • Made crows damagable and changed respawn code to respawn as many as possible each think.
  • Last Team Standing now only changes to a new level when the mp_timelimit or mp_winlimit are hit.
  • Fixed Blunderbuss special reload exploit.
  • Fixed pickup respawn issue in deathmatch maps.
  • Captain Special does not affect parrots anymore.
  • Fixed Captain spectate with special loaded issue.
  • Fixed the grail overlay being too bright/obtrusive.
  • Fixed round ending as both a win and a draw if a team wins right before the round ends in LTS.
  • Fixed attacks doing 1.4x the normal damage against the grail holder.
  • Fixed playershuffle sometimes giving score to players.
  • Fixed berserking sound playing multiple times.
  • If standing next to a wall with the keg lit, it won't explode inside the wall now.
  • Fixed +1 death caused by autoteambalance.
  • Fixed env_explosion explosions showing up as special attacks (yellow icons) in death notices.
  • Fixed not able to zoom the crossbow underwater.
  • Fixed some reported client-side crashes.


  • Health and armor bars now flash white when getting the instant health and armor bonus for killing the grail carrier.
  • Added a hud effect when being healed by the grail.
  • Added a new output to the info_pvk. OnPlayerDeath which fires everytime a player dies. The !activator is the player who died.
  • Added support for loading maps/mod_textures_mapname.txt for support custom map custom death notices.
  • Added a new HUD element to make it easier to track enemies in melee combat. It shows colored blobs at the edges of the screen in the direction of enemies that have recently gone out of view.
  • Added two new falldeath cam modes. One that is stationary at a defined point. And one that is at a defined point but keeps focus on the ragdoll.
  • Added Assisted Suicides showing as Steel Blue icons.
  • Added Parrot Naming ability. Defaults to Polly (name can be changed in multiplayer advanced options).
  • Added Parrots to Target ID and Death Notice. (helps captains know when their parrot is lost easier and also could be stats tracked to show who kills the most parrots).
  • Added some code that will attempt to move players if they get stuck.
  • Added Crow death icon.
  • Added Donator Icons.
  • Added parrot unstick code.
  • Added console log for parrots.
  • Added a status_pvk2 console command which prints name steamid and parrot name for each player.


  • Shields now block 80% of explosion damage.
  • Increased amount of damage the HK needs to deal to get special.
  • Damage taken from perfect parry now depends on the size of the opponent's weapon.
  • Made keg fuse sound audible from longer distance.
  • Chest and Keg Damage from being thrown increased slightly.
  • Reduced blunderbuss damage and increased spread slightly.
  • Grail is automatically transferred to the killer of the carrier if close enough.
  • The player who kills the grail carrier gets instant full hp and armor.
  • Removed the health boost for teammates around the grail holder.
  • Reduced grail carrier's speed slightly.
  • Reduced health boost when holding the grail.
  • Halved perfect block penalty damage.
  • Charging now affects the amount of damage dealt against a blocker.
  • Parrots and crows are now mortal enemies, They also do less dmg to each other so that they dont die instant contact.
  • Grail holder now gets a 1.1x damage boost.
  • When using the crossbow the crosshair is not visible unless in aiming mode now.
  • Reduced crow damage.
  • Crows now add some special when killed.

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