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Hg boarded beta30000.jpg

Boarded is a custom Trinket Wars map. It's included in the Custom Maps Pack 1 bundle. This map alone makes the Pirates' ship in Island look like a puny children's toy.


  • Map File: hg_boarded (as of latest update)
  • Version: Beta 3.0
  • Mode: Trinket Wars
  • Author: LordTrilobite
  • Release Date: October 2008
  • Theme: Caribbean
  • Pick-ups:
  • Stage hazards: Shark-infested waters.


Boarded is well known by the community for being summed up as one giant ship. It has four levels where players can perform their close quarters combats and long range ones, the deck being the level with the most open area. Outside the boat there are two pirate boats where players can respawn; the only way to reach the corsair ship is through the ladders nailed at the ship's hull. The only hazard to worry about are the sharks that eat the players that stay too long in the water; they're as visible as the ones in Tortuga.


The map is regarded by many players as one of the best-looking community-made maps of the mod, after all, it was created by one of the development team's mappers. The near-perfect lightning helps players to navigate on the ship's lower levels, and the rich detail inside the boat, full of crates, ropes and the like, can also give some cover to the player. Despite the praises that it gets for it's visuals, it's also a reason of criticism, since Boarded if often complained for being an unfeasible map for Trinket Wars, specially the lower levels, which some comsider them too claustrophobic.


Boarded was conceived by LordTrilobite and it was released on the Custom Maps Pack 1 bundle in October 2008. A separate download link on Gamebanana was released roughly at the same time. The last update was released by the time Beta 2.3 went live, giving compatibility with the then-latest version of the Source Engine. Despite its file name bearing the Holy Grail prefix, the map uses the Trinket Wars game mode ever since it replaced its ancestor.

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