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Unsatisfied with effectiveness at only one range, the Bondi uses a variety of weapons to exploit his enemies' weaknesses from afar, or close up, or where-ever he feels like it.

Bondi Tactic.jpg

General Strategy

  • Stay with teammates to maximize your opportunity to shoot your targets from safety.
  • Be aware of your surroundings to avoid being ambushed.
  • Engage in melee combat alongside teammates if they're blocking your shots.
  • You're tougher than the other shooters, so if they give you trouble and shooting at them isn't as effective as you'd like, consider flanking and cutting them down.
  • The other Viking classes are all fairly competent in melee combat, so your help isn't absolutely vital, but it will spare them some trouble.
  • Attain a height advantage to put more effective distance between you and your targets.

Weapon Specific Strategy


Short and sharp, like the fights it should be used in.

  • Attack quickly to kill your opponents before they can strike back with anything lethal.
  • Use the backwards attack to deal considerably more damage when charged, it makes a good finishing move for anybody Pushing Up The Daisies.
  • Can be used against enemy shields, and to Perfect-Parry the medium weapons that go with them.
  • Attack alongside teammates to incidentally get past enemy blocks.
  • If an attacker isn't killed or scared off by your bow, finish them off with this.


Like regular Javelins, but without that bothersome "only charges with forward movement" aspect.

  • Use it at long range and reload, or use it at close range and immediately switch weapons to avoid reloading and get straight to killing.
  • Always keep it loaded when you get the chance, and be on the lookout for extra ammunition.
  • "Unaimed" shots lack speed and range, but are still deadly accurate, and can deal considerable damage with a headshot.
  • The knockback and short reload time can be exploited to hit an enemy at medium range with up to three darts for ~255 damage in bodyshots, or ~380 in headshots.
  • It charges about three times as quickly as other weapons, but that charge also starts decaying sooner. Be sure of your shot before you charge it.


A flat bow. It takes up less room than a normal bow.

  • Get close enough to your targets to ensure they're within your relatively short range, but not so close that you're within range of their relatively deadly swords.
  • You can take down a Heavy Knight's shield in six shots, or a Man-at-Arms' shield in four.
  • If you can't reach an enemy shooter with your arrows, take cover and peek out to shoot their teammates, then maybe your team can suppress your nemesis for you. Alternatively, use your Atlatl against them.
  • Since you can hold up to 40 arrows in your quiver at once, the conservation of ammunition is largely irrelevant in modes other than Last Team Standing.

Special: Speed-Shooting

Also known as "Rapid-Fire" when applied to firearms.

  • It won't take ammunition, so you can use it with only one arrow in your quiver.
  • It can deal 300 damage in a single volley if all the arrows are on target.
  • Hard cover blocks it completely, and desperate flailing from your targets might cause you to miss a couple of arrows even in open areas. *Use it when they've got 150-225 health & armour left to account for the arrows you might miss.
  • If you hit two or more shots, it's a simple matter to finish the target off with one or two more regular arrows, or even just your Seax.
  • Consider spreading the damage out over multiple targets, to minimize wasted overkill damage.
  • You can pick up missed shots for a net gain in ammunition.

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