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Cathedral widescreen.png

Cathedral is a Last Team Standing map set in the cavernous main room of a ruined, collapsing cathedral located somewhere in a mountain range. Originally an extension of Forgotten (originally named Snowstuff during development) its large size led to the inception of one of the most popular maps in the LTS game mode.


  • Map file: lts_cathedral (formerly pvk_cathedral)
  • Mode: Last Team Standing
  • Author: Jahhur and YeeHaa
  • Release Date: Beta 2.1 (July 2008)
  • Theme: Medieval
  • Timer:
  • Sudden Death Timer:
  • Pick-ups: Food (x1) and Armor (x3)
  • Stage Hazards: Botomless pit, pillars and blizzards (Sudden Death, only)


Like its older brother Arena, Cathedral has a round layout. The raised sides of the map get lower towards the center, creating a bowl shape. The bottomless pit serves as the only environmental hazard outside Sudden Death, with a narrow path across it tempting players to tempt fate. Pickups are scattered around the map's decaying masonry.

Since the Pirates' spawn is located at a lower level than both the Vikings and the Knights' spawn, there are two staircases on both sides of it leading to the other teams.

Cathedral's Sudden Death features an avalanche of collapsing pillars. Should a player avoids the pillars, the doors on the edges of the map are blown open with the freezing force of a wicked blizzard (watch it, those doors can deal minor damage) forcing players to the middle of the map. Finding a safe spot is hard.


Players face each other inside a decaying Gothic cathedral supported (barely) by massive pillars (for about one minute). The wreckage on the floor is proof of the building's extreme disrepair.


During development, Cathedral wasn't going to be its own map, but an extention for Frostbite, however the development team thought that Frostbite was already big enough for Holy Grail mode and used the spared room as the LTS map that everyone knows today.

The map's original release was less detailed and lit differently. During Sudden Death, the wrecked pillars would fall unrealistically slowly; in a later update the physics of the pillars were improved to increase concussions per minute (CpM).

In Beta 3.0 the map's visuals and layout were tweaked. The map was illuminated more naturally, and new props were implemented. The staircases were introduced at this time.


  • Since the falling pillars lack a specific pattern, sometimes a particularly giant piece of pillar can block the Pirates' spawn area and render it off-limits, ending the round in a draw. The stairs from the Beta 3.0 update were an indirect (or were they?) fix for that issue.
  • The creator of Cathedral, Jarhhur, also created another popular LTS map, Arena.
  • Due to the high difficulty of forcing a player to die from the blizzard, the achievement “Otzi the Iceman” has so far only been achieved by 4.3% of all players. Despite that, it's one of the most-achieved map-themed achievements, alongside "Got a Crush on You" (also Cathedral) and "Sand Blasted" (Sandstorm).
  • Like in Forgotten, braziers could cause instant kills to anyone who steps over it during a jump. It is unknown in which update it was fixed.

Original Wiki Description

Picture of Cathedral

Though a Cathedral is the last place you want to be caught killing, the gods will surely forgive you this time. All three teams have found themselves stuck in battle in this run down and nearly forsaken place, it's up to you to eliminate the other teams and earn your escape! Unfortunately, if you're not quick enough to escape, you may find it too late; the cathedral looks ready to collapse under its own weight and the wind outside is surely not helping!

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