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Felis, or sometimes known as Felis Cactus, is a programmer for the PVKII Team. Felis was a beta tester and was promoted to a developer role by Akz. He is known throughout the team and community as a boy wonder, who became a hardworking, skilled, and well-balanced coder out of unstoppable interest and passion for all things fun in PVKII.

Felis' interest for creating in PVKII began with his own mods for the game.

Melon Danger

Night of A Million Parrots

Applicant's Challenge and Promotion

The Felis Effect

Felis' influence on the developer team and testing team had widespread positive affects to the development of the mod and the community. Known as a critical piece to "saving the mod," Felis inspired his fellow teammates and reinvigorated passion. The source of this was his passion for the game and initiative to create positive changes.

Github Commits