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Forgotten widescreen.png
Map File bt_forgotten (formerly pvk_forgotten)
Author(s) Jahhur, Ubermann (optimization), Assigir (textures)
Introduction Date Beta 2.0
Theme Ruins
Number of chests 6






Health: X10 Armor: X12 Ammo: X9
Stage Hazards
death pit, braziers, cliff, secret room, the chasm under the bridge

Built by a civilization no longer remembered, the crumbling Booty map known as Forgotten features grand staircases, more than a few deadly falls, and tricky detours from the straightforward main routes.


Unlike its older brother Island, in Forgotten each team has one chest at the round's start, and thirty seconds later three more chests at specific locations become recoverable.

The main paths form a triangular shape with alternative paths for evasion and ambush, and varying height levels for assault and escape. For instance, the bridge has a lower level that can be useful for ambushes both by and against the Pirates, and the Knights' base has an upper floor atop the waterfall that Archers can use for better coverage of their base (or to get slaughtered by Vikings).


The map takes place in an abandoned sand-filled ruin from a fallen empire located within a mountain range. Plants thrive in the Knights' irrigated base, while other areas are one seismic movement from collapse. Frescoes, torches and braziers line the walls of the grand staircases, and statues are present in a few locations. A great obelisk rises out of the Pirates' base, while the Vikings saw fit to bring extra supplies.

The great bridge has yet to completely fall apart, but falling to one's death is nonetheless a very real threat; clumsier players should stay away from the most dangerous areas, or maybe just this map in general.

The Knights are located lowest of the factions, their base a luxuriant paradise with vines decorating the rocks and a waterfall of mountain spring water.

The Pirates' base is somewhat bland, but there's a decorative cannon and plenty of room for them to protect the area, as well several objects to jump and juke on.

The Vikings' base is long and narrow, with more cover and a couple of small rooms that sneakier enemies may try to flank through.

An early version of Forgotten's bridge (image via Moddb).

The routes that connect the bases are each unique, both in graphics and gameplay.

In the cave between the Vikings and the Pirates lies a relic of more prosperous times, the great bridge. The major landmark of wood and stone continues to hold up its chest despite the ravages of time. Falling from the bridge is neither uncommon nor survivable.

The Pirates and Knights reach each other via the grand staircases, each wide enough for a serious fight. It is the most well preserved place in the map, and the most heavily decorated. Torches and braziers illuminate the area, frescoes line the walls, a chest rests at the foot of the stairs, and pillars support what remains of the building. There is not much cover, but the changes in elevation offer respite for those who know how to dodge.

The cliff and cave between the Knights and Vikings are a combination of a wide open space where bashing and kicking leads to death by plummeting into the sunset, and of an enclosed space with a chest and multiple floors.


The first official screenshot showing Forgotten's updated look.

Forgotten was a highly anticipated map of, as well as featured in, the Beta 2.0 update, since it was designed by Jahhur, famous for his custom maps for the mod by the time the original release was made available a year earlier.

The most noticeable difference between Forgotten's original release and the current version are the respawn rooms. In the Beta 2.0, the Knights' spawn was located closer to their chest area, the Vikings' spawn wasn't covered and neither was the Pirates'. The only way the Vikings could reach the Knights was through one single cave.

In later updates, multiple paths were added above and under the waterfall for less linear gameplay, and the respawn rooms were reworked. More props and decoration were added, and the map was better optimized.

On April 21st 2015 the PVK Team and Gamebanana announced a texture pack contest where contestants were required to create at least five new textures and materials that could be used in Forgotten. The contest lasted for thirty days.[1][2]On June 6th the winners were announced, with authorized creator Assigir in first place.[3] The updated version of Forgotten was released in the Beta 3.3 update, in October 2015 which, alongside the new textures, an easter egg was added as well, which was revealed during the PVKLive stream, roughly a month before the update's release.


  • While the civilization of the lost empire is unknown, props and textures show hints from Sumerian art and Gothic architecture, meaning that it's likely to be a culture created by Jahhur himself.
  • The braziers, like the ones by the staircases, could immediately kill anyone who jumped over them. It was an issue also found in Cathedral's braziers, and was eventually fixed so that they only drain health.
  • Like many early maps, Forgotten was updated with High Dynamic Range (HDR) when the mod was moved to the then-new Orange Box version of the Source Engine, also known as Source 2007. Despite the update, Source Filmmaker won't recognize the HDR parameters and renders the map with no lightning at all, showing the textures in their raw form. The issue can be fixed with the console command mat_fullbright 0 and moving the time arrow before the timeline. Forgotten runs a lot smoother in SFM than any other PVKII map because of the HDR issue, even when running on a low-end computer.
  • The map is particularly well optimized.
  • Thanks to the latest update, Forgotten is now the map with the heaviest filesize, at 59 767 KB or 58,3 MB, surpassing the record previously held by Town;

Original Wiki Description

Picture of Forgotten

Forgotten takes you to a long lost empire hidden within long forgotten mountains. The overgrown foliage and un-sustained architecture hint that this place has been abandoned for quite some time. Each team spawns in their own area of this lost civilization and has only one interest - to capture and hold as much treasure as possible. All three teams start each round with 1 chest; there are 3 additional chests scattered throughout the map. Each team must hold as many chests as possible until their counter reaches zero.

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