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Gestirs concentrate their damage with spear-point accuracy across all kinds of ranges to keep enemies away from their teammates and poor armor.

Gestir Tactic.jpg

General Strategy

  • Aim your attacks carefully.
  • Your speed and armor are mediocre. Your strength lies in your weaponry, and the knowledge of how to apply it.
  • Stick with your teammates to provide combat support.
  • Engage the right opponent at the right time. No sense in focusing on an Archer several miles away when a Skirmisher's on your trail.
  • There is always a way for you to either match, or out-range your opponent.

Weapon Specific Strategy


A medieval precision instrument, its accuracy puts the axes to shame. Its damage can't match the axes, but its range surpasses them yet again.

  • It only attacks in one direction. Forwards. Forward and backward stabs are more powerful, but left and right jabs are faster.
  • Careful steps and timing will allow you to push enemies back without letting them hit you.
  • The perfect parries for this weapon appear to be slashes, rather than stabs. Watch out for that.
  • Its long range is perfect for cornering enemies.
  • Despite being held with two hands, it's only a medium weapon.
  • The long range makes it harder for enemies to safely flank you in combat.
  • Your charged attacks will probably hit an opponent before their charged attacks hit you. You'll both be stunned, but they'll be the one who gets damaged.

Special: Spear Charge

Much like the Huscarl's Shield Dash, it's good for when the Spear isn't pokey enough.

  • It takes a second to get going. During this time, you are completely vulnerable.
  • It's easier to control than the Huscarl's Dash.
  • Hitting a wall will cancel the charge early. Use this to your advantage if your target dies or escapes.
  • It stuns and knocks enemies back, but not that far.
  • Tends to skewer Lunging Skirmishers before they reach you. Too slow!
  • Be wary of attacks from afar and the sides.
  • Like the Shield Dash, it will cease to damage opponents more than a certain amount. It will continue to stun, however.
  • Better for starting fights, as it can carry you behind a group of enemies, leaving them stunned between you and your team mates.

Shield & Langseax

A weak shield, but a strong blade. Better for attacking than defending. The best defense really IS a good offense.

  • The shield is embarrassingly weak. Avoid closing in on ranged classes over long distances.
  • The langseax is surprisingly strong.
  • Bash enemies to ruin their aim, cancel their attack, and stall their movement.
  • Counter-attack against slower enemies, or those boxed in and unable to escape.
  • If you feel you need some horizontal attacks, this is a good choice.


Long-range versions of the spear. Useful for poking people who can't be poked with the Spear.

  • Instead of running forwards to charge it, you can run in small circles, or the complete opposite direction to your target before turning at the last moment.
  • The Javelins' ability to score devastating headshots makes for some hilarious screenshots.
  • Use these from behind other Vikings.
  • It's possible to use these against pursuing Heavy Knights and Captains in the middle of a fight.
  • Use them to start fights against all kinds of enemies, and to finish off fleeing targets.
  • It takes a second to get one ready. Switch to them early to throw them in time.
  • You can only carry three at a time. Run over missed Javelins to retrieve them.

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