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Heavy Knights rely on their armor for intimidation as much as protection, and on their teammates for kills as much as their own weapons.

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General Strategy

  • Anticipate enemy movements, cut them off, and corner them.
  • Avoid becoming surrounded.
  • When supported by team mates, block and absorb attacks to leave your enemies exposed for them.
  • Avoid absorbing attacks without blocking. If your opponents decide to leave after charging a special, you're not fast enough to catch them.
  • You'll need to collect around 4 armor pick-ups to refill a depleted armor gauge.
  • You have enough armor to last until you die.
  • Avoid standing in front or Archers.
  • Be not afraid; your armor isn't just armor. It's like the Berserker's muscles. Intimidating.
  • Your offensive power is closely tied to your defensive abilities.

Weapon Specific Strategy

Two-Handed Sword

The Heavy Knight of weaponry, the slowest, largest, and deadliest sword in the game.

  • It's capable of perfectly parrying any melee weapon, and its range is good for counter-attacking despite your speed.
  • One fully charged strike is often enough to weaken a Pirate so much that they leave you alone.
  • Against smaller weapons, you can afford to use uncharged attacks. They're still some of the most deadly.
  • The recovery time after a swing is quite long. Try not to miss, and keep the attack held as long as necessary.
  • If your opponent refuses to move into attack range, hold your attack and back them into a corner. Block if they try to rush you.

Special: Chopper

One of the smallest areas of effect, yet somehow one of the easiest to aim. Good for noscopes.

  • A quick spin with the sword leveled at neck-height. Strangely, ducking has no effect on how decapitated one becomes.
  • Use it after a successful attack, but before the retaliation.
  • If you know an enemy is about to hit you in the back, use it without turning around. Oldest trick in the book...
  • Enemies stuck in corners will have absolutely no hope of escape.
  • You're stuck in place during the spin, and vulnerable to ranged attacks, as well as anybody nearby that was not caught in the spin.
  • Following up with an attack is difficult due to the heavy knockback, and the slow swing speed of the sword.

Sword & Shield

A sturdy shield. Behind it, you're more likely to die by walking off of a cliff than you are to be slain.

  • Bash two-handed weapons away with this if you keep getting hit with fully charged attacks.
  • The short sword swings quickly, at least compared to the Two-handed Sword. Back enemies into corners and rack up combos after a bash to draw out the sting.
  • Try not to bash enemies out of the path of an Archer's arrow.
  • Take a hit on your shield and retaliate with a quick bash and counter-attack. You'll come out unscathed, but they'll be stunned and bleeding.

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