Obtaining Archer Achievements

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Pvk2 archer play.jpg Archer

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Archer

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Self-explanatory. Join a game and play as the archer. It has to be a full round and lasts at least five minutes.

Pvk2 archer bowkills three 10seconds.jpg Legolas

Kill 3 enemies with the Longbow within 10 seconds

Difficulty: Hard

How To: This achievement is very hard, as it recquires expert aiming and the right opportunity. A good map for this is pvk_siege_longship_beta6. As an archer, go to the window to the castle door's right. There, you should be able to shoot at the vikings that are trying to break in. With some skill and help from fellow archers, you'll be able to shoot 3 down in 10 seconds. Also, although crossbow kills don't count, kills made with the longbow special does, so if you can find a large crowd of enemies, launch the special into their midst. You'll probably get 1 to 2 kills with the special, and then you can shoot down anyone who's weakened but not dead.

Pvk2 archer kill 100ft.jpg Robin Hood

Kill an enemy with the crossbow or longbow from 100ft

Difficulty: Intermediate

How To: It is recommended to use the longbow for this achievement, as it is much easier to aim with than the crossbow and can shoot rapidly. 100ft is a pretty big distance, so a good map for this is pvk_300_BoT_beta3. It has a huge amount of open space, so you can get a very good shot. The easiest method for doing this is standing right outside Hot Gates (the territory) and shooting randomly into the viking's spawn. With a few tries you're almost sure to get it.

Pvk2 archer bowkill parrot 15x.jpg Cornish Game Hen

Hunt down 15 enemy parrots with the longbow

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Parrots are very fast and move around a lot, so it's near impossible to hit them up close with the longbow. The perfect moment to shoot would be at the moment of release, when the parrot will fly in a straight line at you. It is also possible to shoot parrots that are attacking other people. Just aim for the person like a normal kill and you'll probably hit the parrot.

Pvk2 archer kill special 2x.jpg It's Like Weakness Water Three!

Kill 2 enemies with a single longbow special

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Due to the longbow special's massive range, this achievement is actually quite easy to get. Just shoot your special into a large fight and odds are you'll kill 2. Remember that unlike normal projectiles, the longbow special can pass through teammates, so you don't need to worry about allies getting in the way.

Pvk2 archer butterknife kill.jpg Butterknifed!

Kill 25 enemies using the short sword

Difficulty: Easy

How to: The short sword (or butterknife) has a very short range and deals little damage, so it is advised to be used on enemies who are at least Bleeding Profusely. You can bring down an enemy's health with your longbow, and then when he is bleeding profusely you can move in with the butterknife and finish him off.

Pvk2 archer sword dmg 100k.jpg I Can't Believe It's Not Butter!

Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the short sword

Difficulty: Hard

How to: This achievement takes a lot of time, as the short sword is very weak. The only true strategy is to play as the archer a lot and use the short sword actively.

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