Obtaining Berserker Achievements

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Pvk2 zerker play.jpg Berserker

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Berserker

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Self-explanatory. Join a game and play as the berserker. It has to be a full round and lasts at least five minutes.

Pvk2 zerker diefrom rage.jpg Weakling!

Died from Berserker rage

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Use the berserker special to become enraged while you are on low health (Bleeding Profusely), and let an enemy hit you a few times (no heavy knights though, they'll probably instant-kill you). When you have very little health left (About to be Pushing up Daisies), run away from the battle. Once the rage runs out, your extra health will vanish and you'll die.

Pvk2 zerker kill bigaxe200x.jpg Chop Chop

Kill 200 enemies using the big axe

Difficulty: Easy

How To: The big axe does a lot of damage, so you'll be able to get kills easily. However, 200 kills is a lot, so it will take some time before you get this achievement.

Pvk2 zerker kill axemower100x.jpg Lawnmower

Mow down 100 enemies with the axe/sword combo

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: 100 enemies may seem little compared to the kill count for Chop Chop, but the axe/sword combo takes a lot more skill to use. Due to its short range and low damage, the combo is basically useless in an actual fight. The best chance for using the axe/sword combo are when chasing enemies (especially archers, since archers have low health and zerkers are faster than them), and finishing off enemies that are Pushing up Daisies.

Pvk2 zerker chop dmg 100k.jpg Iron Clad Axemower

Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the axe/sword combo

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: As stated above, the axe/sword combo cannot be used for all occasions, so you'll have to know when to use the combo. Like all accumlated-damage achievements, this achievement recquires a lot of time to get, so the only real strategy to this is using the Berserker and his axe/sword combo actively and at the proper time.

Pvk2 zerker kill special 3x.jpg Angry Bare Shirt

Kill 3 enemies with a single berserk special

Difficulty: Hard

How to: The berserker's enraged time is rather short, so you'll have to get a kill every few seconds. A good map for this is bt_massacre_v4. Try to get past the heavy knights and attack the archers in the back with your big axe. On your way, check the health of as many heavy knights as possible and try to finish off the ones that are Pushing up Daisies. A good opportunity would be when a gestir or huscral just used his combo at the knights. They'll be damaged and confused by the attack, allowing you to go in and finish them off.

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