Obtaining Berserker Achievements

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Pvk2 zerker play.jpg Berserker

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Berserker

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Become a Berserker, get angry, and let your rage drive for five minutes, after which you won't remember how you got wherever you are, nor how you got covered in so much blood. Is that your blood? Nope, not much of it anyway.

Pvk2 zerker chop dmg 100k.jpg Iron Clad Axemower

Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the sword & axe.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Hitting people with the sword & axe is easy, hitting them multiple times without dying in the process is a little tricky. To use this weapon properly, you must first become accurate, putting your opponent under pressure. When under real pressure from the sword & axe, the most immediate and direct counter is to parry it. Hence, you must anticipate their block as if you were anticipating an attack so you could parry it yourself, and change your attack direction.

Alternatively, attacking enemies engaged in combat with others, completely unaware or vulnerable (carrying a chest) enemies, during your rage, or enemies using a ranged weapon is much safer.

Also, only damage dealt to health counts.

Pvk2 zerker ragekills 1000x.png One Does Not Simply Walk Into Valhalla

Kill 1000 enemies while enraged.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Fighting alongside teammates presents opportunities to quickly and efficiently finish off enemies weakened by them. It's much easier than trying to bring targets down from full health all by yourself.

Pvk2 zerker kill bigaxe200x.jpg Chop Chop

Kill 200 enemies using the big axe.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Play Berserker normally for about five minutes. No, this advice is not attached to the wrong achievement.

Pvk2 zerker kill axemower100x.jpg Lawnmower

Mow down 100 enemies with the sword & axe.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Play Berserker badly for about half an hour.

Pvk2 zerker kill axesword 4hk 1life.png Cling, Clank, Clunk!

Kill 4 Heavy Knights with the sword & axe in a single life.

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: Okay, enough screwing around. There is no need to use, nor should you bother using, the sword & axe exclusively. Use the big axe until each Heavy Knight is weak, and switch to the sword & axe to finish them off. The longsword isn't quick enough to respond to a moderately-healthy Berserker swinging multiple times per second (especially if enraged) with anything other than parries, so intersperse your strikes with charged backward attacks to keep them off balance until they drop.

Peripheral to that, stay safe, not too far from your teammates, not too close to other Knights. It's probably best to stay away from Trinket Wars, which brings all the teams together all at once, and often, putting you in the most danger with the most distractions.

Pvk2 zerker kill special 3x.jpg Angry Bare Shirt

Kill 3 enemies with a single berserk special.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Contrary to the previous entry, this one is probably best attempted during a round of Trinket Wars, where everybody is trying to kill everybody else, making everybody weak and ripe for murderizing. The right weapon for the job is best left to your discretion, but switching weapons is one of the few actions that isn't boosted by the rage, so it's not recommended.

Pvk2 zerker destroy shields 3x.png Go Beserk!

Destroy 3 shields in one life as Berserker.

Difficulty: Impossible

How to: First, find a Knight that really likes using their shield, either to defend themselves or to bash. Bashing Berserkers isn't particularly effective due to their speed, so a sensible Knight will switch weapons and you'll never get the achievement. Once found, deliberately strike the shield when it's up, not when they're bashing or attacking. Once (if) destroyed, leave them alone. If they like their shield, they'll grab armour to repair it, and you can break it again. Retreating also grants an opportunity to resupply yourself so you stay alive.

Pvk2 zerker axesword debuff kills 3x.png Green Streak

Kill 3 enemies in a fart cloud using the sword & axe.

Difficulty: Hard

How to: In a fight between Knights and Vikings, you'll probably be focused down before you can even think of getting even a single kill, enraged or not, so lurk in a Pirate base while they're winning a round of Booty. When the Knights launch their attack, leap out and cut down some Pirates; maybe finish off by killing the Man-at-Arms responsible for the cloud, as well.

Alternatively, you could try the same strategy when your team is winning a round of Booty and both teams are incidentally fighting each other. In any case, you will almost certainly achieve the next achievement regardless of whether or not you achieve this one.

Pvk2 zerker diefrom rage.jpg Weakling!

Died from Berserker rage.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: When enraged, drop your health below 50 (but keep it above 0) by any means, then avoid further damage until you have an aneurysm.

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