Obtaining Captain Achievements

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Pvk2 capt play.jpg Captain

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Captain

Difficulty: Very easy

How to: Pretty self-explanatory, just pick the captain and play a full round that lasts at least 5 minutes.

Pvk2 capt kill hook100x.jpg A True Hooker

Kill 100 enemies with the hook

Difficulty: Very hard

How to: This takes a pretty long time, and you probably will not get it by accident, since you're probably not gonna use the hook normally. The hook's damage is minimal so you need to beat your enemy till he is about to be pushing up daisies and then kill him with the hook. Beware though, you can't block with the hook and it can take more than one hit to kill somebody with it, although he's about to die. This is easiest to do with archers, due to their low health. However, as archers are very fragile, you should shoot them with a mid-range blunderbuss strike when they are Bleeding Profusely to bring them down to Pushing up Daisies without killing them. Pretty dreadful to do with Heavy knights, as it can take more than 3 hook hits to kill those bastards even when they are gonna push up daisies. A better strategy would be to hit the knight one more time with an uncharged cutlass slash to dwindle his health before you hook him.

Pvk2 capt cutlass dmg 1mil.jpg Captain Blackbeard

Difficulty: Very hard

Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using the cutlass

How to: This one takes a very long time, just keep using the captain and kill people using the cutlass.

Pvk2 capt kill punch.jpg POW, Right In The Kisser!

Kill 5 enemies with the punch

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: You can punch people when playing as the captain. When you don't have your parrot with you and you attack when strafing left, you'll use your fist instead of the hook. Probably the weakest method of attacking, so use the same tactic as mentioned in how to gain the A True Hooker achievement. Not gonna take that long because you only need 5 kills.

Pvk2 capt fastparrotdeath.jpg I Wish To Register A Complaint!

Parrot died within 1 second of release

Difficulty: Easy

How to: There are not really any strategies for this one, just hope someone kills your parrot within one second of release. Because of the nature of this game its not really that hard and it happens quite often. Releasing your parrot directly in front of an archer who's targeting you will almost ensure you get it.

Pvk2 capt parrot kills 50x.jpg Pecker Of Doom

Kill 75 enemies with the parrot

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: One of the achievements that comes with time. It takes some time but if you play using captain often you should get it. You can of course use the strategy that is mentioned in how to get A True Hooker. One thing to add is that the easiest way to get parrot kills is making them attack archers who dont see you. Archers usually have their longbow at hand and its pretty difficult to kill a nearby parrot using the longbow and it takes some time to switch weapons, so if they are about to be pushing up daisies you usually get a kill.

Pvk2 capt parrot kills 25x.jpg I Has A Parrot

Kill 25 enemies with the parrot

Difficulty: easy

How to: Same as above, you just get this earlier.

Pvk2 capt parrot 3kills 1life.jpg Parrot Frenzy

Kill 3 enemies with the parrot in 1 life

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Since your parrot can respawn, this isn't really that hard. Look at the pecker of doom achievements "how to" section if you want some tips. Try to stay alive as long as possible and let your parrot do the work for you.

Pvk2 capt kill special 2x.jpg Great Balls Of Fire

Kill 2 enemies with a single blunderbuss special

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Pretty easy, when you have the special loaded just look for a good opportunity. There are usually situations when 2 enemies are fighting, and if they have lost some health, just fire at them and you should get it. Same strategy as getting the keg achievements for skirmishers.

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