Obtaining Captain Achievements

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Pvk2 capt play.jpg Captain

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Captain.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Choose Captain, and bother people with your bloody bird for five bloody minutes..

Pvk2 capt cutlass dmg 1mil.jpg Captain Blackbeard

Difficulty: Very Easy

Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using the cutlass.

How to: Bring about 8500 enemies down from full health (only damage dealt to health counts) with naught but the cutlass. Block and parry to keep yourself alive and slashing as long and as fast as possible.

Pvk2 capt kill punch.jpgPvk2 capt kill hook100x.jpgPvk2 capt punch kills 100x.png POW, Right In The Kisser! A True Hooker and Watch Me Right Hook!

Kill 5 enemies with the punch. Kill 100 enemies with the hook. Kill 100 enemies with the punch.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: When an enemy is About to be Pushing Up the Daisies, you can dive in with a charged hook strike and follow up with an uncharged hook/fist strike to deal somewhere in the region of 40 damage, if you're accurate. More than enough to kill most classes if they've lost their armour. The trick is eating their counter-attack and surviving. Stay healthy and use the parrot to distract enemies that have wandered off and gotten themselves injured as you close in.

Pvk2 capt parrot kills 25x.jpgPvk2 capt parrot kills 50x.jpg I Has A Parrot & Pecker Of Doom

Kill 25 enemies with the parrot. Kill 75 enemies with the parrot.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Release the parrot at enemies as they falter in battle, kicking them around to throw off their aim. Attack alongside other parrots to compound your enemies' confusion and hopefully keep all present parrots alive. The parrot is most effective against enemies that are already in a pickle, but in such situations they may die to something else, unless they're hiding behind a shield, in which case the parrot becomes extremely dangerous for them. Kick, punch, and gouge to deal small amounts of extra damage and expedite your foe's demise without snatching it from your pet.

Black Powder Finish.png Black Powder Finish

Kill 5 enemies in 1 life using your blunderbuss

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: The blunderbuss is best used at close range to maximize its damage, but that puts you in range of enemies with swords, so it's best used against enemies that will die if you shoot them. Each pellet deals 6 damage, and all 15 can deal 90, but that's unlikely to happen due to its high spread, so use it on enemies that are particularly weak, and preferably not paying attention.

If you want to stay alive long enough to get this achievement, then stick with teammates and avoid getting into fights except to blast the enemy to bits as a finishing move. Enemies fighting your teammates are easier to close in on, but often easier to miss if you're not watching your teammate and getting into your target's head so you can anticipate their movements, and not miss every single pellet at the last second.

Hollywood Finish.png Hollywood Physics

Cause 5 enemies to fall to their death by blasting them with your blunderbuss

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: The blunderbuss used to deliver enough of a punch to shift enemies that were moving in the opposite direction to the blast. This is no longer the case, and you've got a higher chance of getting this achievement by shooting people on cliffs and bridges and hoping that they leap majestically over the edge like a goddamn swan princess.

That said, the stall of a solid blunderbuss blast can confuse people just enough to make them trip over their own 1-second plans for their future steps. Good maps for this are Frostbite and Cathedral.

Pvk2 capt parrot 3kills 1life.jpg Parrot Frenzy

Kill 3 enemies with the parrot in 1 life.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Stay with teammates and release the parrot at opportune moments, use kicking, punching, gouging, and poorly-aimed blunderbuss shots to keep your opponent busy and whittle them down further, but retreat if you get too weak, enemy reinforcements arrive, or if your parrot dies.

Pvk2 capt kill special 2x.jpg Great Balls Of Fire

Kill 2 enemies with a single blunderbuss special.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Play Trinket Wars. You'll know what you need to do when you see it.

Pvk2 capt hook kill after roll.png Crabby Hooker

Kill an enemy with your hook immediately following a roll.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: There's a short grace period after the roll where a hook kill will count toward this achievement. Even so, you will probably want to release the attack as quickly as possible, so use maths to keep track of your opponent's total health and armour. When the combined values total less than 15, roll intimidatingly at them while switching to the hook and gouge them. Keep the parrot on your hand so you can't screw up by accidentally punching them instead.

Pvk2 capt fastparrotdeath.jpg I Wish To Register A Complaint!

Parrot died within 1 second of release.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Pretend you're parrying.

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