Obtaining Gestir Achievements

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Pvk2 gestir play.jpg Gestir

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Gestir

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Self-explanatory. Join a game and play as the Gestir. Remember that it must be a FULL round that lasts at least 5 minutes, and you cannot change class in the middle of the game even if you have played for 5 minutes already.

Pvk2 gestir spearkill parrot.jpg Shish Kebab

Kill 15 enemy parrots with the spear

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Self-explanatory. Just attack the pirates actively and make them release their parrots at you. Kills made with javelins do not count.

Pvk2 gestir jav impale5x.jpg Puppeteer

Impale the bodies of 5 enemies to a wall using your javelins

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Easiest way to get this achievement is, of course, to aim for the people close to walls. You would also want to fully charge your javelins, so they're more likely to kill your target. However, this achievement may take some time as opportunities are rare.

Pvk2 gestir kill 80ft.jpg Agrianian Javelineer

Kill an enemy with the javelin from 80ft

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Since the javelin does impressive damage, it usually kills any target that is hurt from 80 ft. In bt_island, 80 ft is about from the Pirate booty area to the entrance of the cave where vikings come in. Of course, while in combat you can't measure it very accurately, so my suggestion is that if you see a crowded battle, take some steps back until you think it is like 90 ft away, start to charge the javelin by walking forward, and throw it at the battle when it's fully charged (remember the arc of the javelin). Another good map is pvk_300_BoT_beta3. Charge up your javelin while running and then throw it into the knight's territory. With a little luck you'll get a kill.

Other tactic : Find an AFK person in an open area where you can get more than 80 ft away from him, make him bleeding profusely or about to be pushing daisies, and go finish him with the javelin. Of course this is for the unskilled people.

Pvk2 gestir kill special 3x.jpg Souvlaki

Kill 3 enemies with a single spear dash special

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: This is the rarest special-related achievement there is. When you have your special meter filled, look for a crowded battle. Observe the battle, and launch your special near them. Aim for the people with low HP, archers and skirmishers work the best. It needs skill to manuever through the enemies, since it is hard to turn around if you missed one; it's easier when they are in line. Also, don't start your special too early and watch out for walls (Hitting a wall stops the special right away). A good map for this is bt_massacre_v4. Get your special, wait for the mob of knights to come and then charge into their midst. If your team has already weakened the knights then you're almost sure to get the achievement.

Pvk2 gestir spear dmg 1mil.jpg Pride Of Odin

The pointy end goes into the other man

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: After "Ranged Whore", this is the rarest achievement in game. It doesn't say so directly on the description, but you'll get it by amassing one million (1,000,000) damage against your enemies with the spear (javelin damage doesn't count.) It is the rarest of all 1M damage achievements probably because the Spear is the weakest weapon you'll have to do 1M dmg with.

This achievement isn't that hard, since it just comes with time. The only real strategy to get it is to play a lot with the Gestir and use his spear a lot.

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