Obtaining Gestir Achievements

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Pvk2 gestir play.jpg Gestir

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Gestir.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Grab the Gestir and go get gory and glory for five minutes straight.

Pvk2 gestir spear dmg 1mil.jpgGestirOld.jpg Pride Of Odin & I'm Too Old For This

The pointy end goes into the other man. (Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using the spear.) Kill 7 enemies with your spear in a single life.

Difficulty: Very Easy, Very Hard

How to: Only damage dealt to health counts for Pride of Odin. Beyond that, get really good at parrying. You can block uncharged strikes from Heavy Knights and counter with quick jabs before they can recover, or move away. You should still start fights with javelins whenever possible; staying alive lets you poke more people than being defeated, and only poking your vanquisher once for the trouble.

GestirFund.jpg Retirement Fund

Capture 100 chests as a Gestir.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: The other Vikings are better suited to seizing enemy chests for one reason or another (not you Bondi) while you're better at launching javelins to charge a special, picking the chest up when your teammate drops it to fight pursuers, and running the Niflheim away. On the other Booty maps, capturing neutral chests is more your style.

Pvk2 gestir kill 80ft.jpg Agrianian Javelineer

Kill an enemy with the javelin from 80ft.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: These things deal insane damage, you'd be crazy not to at least try to start (almost) every fight with one, which naturally inclines one towards throwing them absurd distances anyway. The only caveat for this achievement is that you would want to arrive late to a fight to throw a javelin at somebody who could probably be finished off by your other, less ammo-limited weapons.

You might try Cara, as people tend to forget their surroundings when contesting the territories, which can sometimes be seen from a considerable distance. The Last Team Standing maps are large enough, if you can survive long enough to be one of the few players left, and happen to be on the other side of the map to everybody else, and still have a spare javelin. Pinegrove's a good choice, too. Stick to the back of the map (with the high bridge) where there's fewer trees.

GestirSeax.jpg Seaxmachine

Kill 50 enemies using your seax and shield.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: The seax deals pretty decent damage, if you combine it with absorbing an enemy attack on the shield. An uncharged bash may not stun, but it will re-engage the shield's defensive potential, allowing you to tank the incoming hit and counter while they recover. Mind you keep the shield's durability up.

Pvk2 gestir spearkill parrot.jpg Shish Kebab

Kill 15 enemy parrots with the spear.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Poke parrots as they propel themselves perpendicular to your perspective and are proper perfect for picking off.

Pvk2 gestir jav impale5x.jpg Puppeteer

Impale the bodies of 5 enemies to walls using your javelins.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Lurk around fights occurring near corners in corridors, and take paths wide so you can stick people fighting on the inside track to the inside wall. Javelins aren't that good in close-quarters, so if you're the one fighting your target, you probably won't have a good angle to attempt this achievement with.

Pvk2 gestir kill special 3x.jpg Souvlaki

Kill 3 enemies with a single spear dash special.

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: The simple fact that this achievement requires three kills makes it an order of magnitude less likely that you will unlock this achievement at any given time. Your best bet is charging into a fight that another Viking already charged into, but didn't kill anybody in. At least enemies are less likely to be knocked clear of the spear as it skewers them, compared to the Huscarl's special.

Pvk2 gestir use all weapons.png Fifty Shades of Gestir

As a Gestir, kill a single enemy by using all of your weapons on them.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Using a javelin on an opponent is just playing Gestir normally. Switch from your preferred melee weapon to your less-preferred melee weapon to deal the killing blow. To make this achievement more interesting, try killing an enemy with a shield bash, after previously bashing them at least nine times.

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