Obtaining Heavy Knight Achievements

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Pvk2 heavyk play.jpg Heavy Knight

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Heavy Knight

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Self-explanatory. Join a game and play as the heavy knight. It has to be a full round and lasts at least five minutes.

Pvk2 heavyk twosword dmg 1mil.jpg Crusader

Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using the two-handed sword

Difficulty: Very Hard

How To: Like all accumlated-damage achievements, the only strategy for this is to play as the heavy knight and use his two-handed sword actively. However, this should be easier than other accumlated-damage achieves due to the 2H sword being able to deal extremely high damage.

Pvk2 heavyk kill special 3x.jpg Get To The Choppa

Kill 3 enemies with a single twirling two-handed sword special

Difficulty: Intermediate

How To: The 2H sword special is used mainly for crowd control, heavily damaging and knocking away any nearby enemies. Thus, you should try to walk into the midst of a large fight and use your special. A good map for this is bt_massacre_v4. Walk into the crowd of vikings and use your special. Due to the small area, you're very likely to get those 3 kills.

Pvk2 heavyk twosword 2kills swing.jpg Only Got One Stone

Kill 2 enemies with a single swing of the two-handed sword

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Since the 2H sword has a very large range, a horizontal slash (done by strafing left or right and attacking) should be able to kill 2 enemies in one go. Like Get To The Choppa, bt_massacre_v4 is a great map for this due to the concentrated groups of vikings. Another option would be to watch for fights between two pirates and vikings. Keep your distance and wait until both sides are Bleeding Profusely, then go in to slash them both. Make sure to time the slash so it'll be right as the two sides clash together. Moving slightly along the direction of your slash also helps give you a wider range.

Pvk2 heavyk kill shortsword.jpg Block N' Poke

As Heavy Knight, Kill 25 enemies using the sword and shield

Difficulty: Easy

How to: The heavy knight's sword and shield are very weak and have a short range, so it's advised to use it only for finishing off enemies that are About to be Pushing up Daisies. Using the shield bash to stun enemies helps, but remember not to fully charge your bash, otherwise the target will be knocked back too far for you to hit them in time. 25 kills is very less, so you'll get it very quickly.