Obtaining Huscarl Achievements

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Pvk2 husc play.jpg Huscarl

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Huscarl.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Pretty self-explanatory. Just join a game and play as a Huscarl. Remember that it recquires a FULL round, so if you joined mid-game you'll have to wait for the next round to start. The round must also last at least 5 minutes.

Pvk2 husc spec to death.jpg Kills First, Aim Second

Used your shield dash special to fall to your death.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: First, fill your special bar by hitting enemies. When the bar is full, use your shield dash special and try to fall to your death. Some good maps to do this achievement on are Forgotten and pvk_float, where there are lots of cliffs for you to fall to your death.

Pvk2 husc kill 60ft.jpg Axed By The Arc

Kill an enemy with a throwing axe from 60ft.

Difficulty: Medium

How To: Aiming with the axes is pretty easy, try to throw your axes at open spaces like the pirates spawn at bt_island. The best time to do this is when there are a lot of people together, go back and start throwing axes. If you're lucky you will get a kill. Another good map is pvk_300_BoT_beta3. Just throw axes into the knight's territory randomly and odds are you'll get the achieve.

Pvk2 husc kill special 2x.jpg Do The Hot Sauce

Kill 2 enemies with a single shield dash special.

Difficulty: Medium

How to: It's best to try in narrow spaces,like the small cave in Island between pirates and vikings or when there are lots of people together in temple (better if you see two enemies with low health). A good map for this is bt_massacre_v4. The area is very small and with a little bit of luck you'll get the achieve as you charge into the masses.

Pvk2 husc kill all.jpg Well Rounded

As a Huscarl, kill with each of your weapons in a single life.

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Self explanatory, this achievement is very easy. You should start off with the throwing axe, as it's the hardest to get a kill with. Try to target enemies with low health. After that move on to the sword-and-shield, and target enemies with low health again. Finally, get a kill with the big axe and you'll get the achievement. NOTE: You dont need to kill someone with the sword and shield special to earn this achievement.

Pvk2 husc kill blunt.jpg I'll Be Blunt

Kill an enemy using the blunt end of the Huscarl's axe

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Pretty easy, since the axe is your main weapon. You have to press the attack button while walking backwards to kill with the blunt end.

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