Obtaining Man-at-Arms Achievements

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MAAPlayRound.jpg Man-at-Arms

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Man-at-Arms

Difficulty: Very easy

How to: Pick the Man-at-Arms and draw the match out for over five minutes without changing class. This can be difficult if you are auto-balanced.



Parisian Harvest & Feel My Shaft Within

Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using your halberd. Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using your halberd.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Hit people with the halberd about 3750-5000 times, or to express it another way, kill about 8500-9000 enemies (from full health, with nothing but the halberd). Only damage dealt to health counts.

Déjà vu, eh?

Meat Tenderizer, The One Who Knocks, Omlette Au Perroquet, Macetro, Grim Reaper, Frenchy Wenchy, Variété, Monsieur Limbhurt, and Mind Your Own Business

Kill 100 enemies using your mace. Stun 100 enemies with the buckler. Bash 10 parrots with your shield as a Man-at-Arms.

Kill 4 enemies in a single life with your mace and buckler. Kill 10 enemies in a single life as a Man-at-Arms.

Kill 3 players with your crossbow in a single round. As a Man-at-Arms, kill with each of your weapons in a single life.

Kill 3 enemies with the halberd while About to be Pushing up the Daisies. Kill 2 enemies with a single fart special.

Difficulty: Oh Mon Dieu...

How to: All of these achievements hinge on the same basic principles of becoming proficient with each of your weapons, deliberately using those weapons to deal killing blows, using your special to make that easier, and not dying in the process. Overall becoming some sort of Superman-at-Arms.

To stay alive, fight with teammates and fight safely, avoiding direct conflict with enemies that are strong enough to wear you down before they die, and prioritize killing blows.

To get killing blows, carefully assess how much health your enemies have versus how much damage your weapons deal.

To get crossbow kills, remember to grab ammunition, and aim for headshots if the target is only Bleeding Profusely.

Try to combine killing two enemies via a special, with killing three enemies (with the halberd, mind) while near death.

MAALapin.jpg Le Lapin Sauté

As a Man-at-Arms, kill 100 enemies whilst jumping in air

Difficulty: Easy

How to: In situations where you would usually get a kill while standing on the ground, jump. A hundred times. The halberd's range helps.



French Submarine & French Kiss

As a Man-at-Arms, kill 50 enemies while swimming. Headshot 50 enemies with the crossbow.

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Le Lapin Sauté's estranged cousin achievement. Find some water (Island, Townsquare, there's a very small amount in Pinegrove) lead some enemies to it, and get to work.

Alternatively, if you really want to get into character and make this one as difficult as possible for yourself, combine it with what it was probably made for and sink into some water with the crossbow and pop up when you think a weak enemy is nearby, and shoot them. Sink again so they get the joke.

MAAScoff.jpg Doeth Thou Scoff Verily?

Directly taunt every enemy class.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: "It is like crushing grapes! Très facile!" One by one, look every enemy class in the eye, and taunt them. Actually, taunt them all several times just to be sure.

MAABlur.jpg Sacre Blur!

Kill an enemy while blinded

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: To be blinded, find a Pirate with an explosive. To get a kill while blinded, find a slightly-weakened Viking or a severely-weakened Pirate, and look at the explosion from a safe distance so as not to be stunned while swinging at your chosen target. If you can't seem to avoid being stunned, fire a crossbow bolt just before you get stunned, and it should kill your target while you're stunned, blind, and unable to appreciate your new achievement.

Pvk2 maa weewee.png Garderobes

"Oh, wee wee!"

Difficulty: ?????

How to: This is a secret achievement. It seems to be a translation error???

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