Obtaining Man-at-Arms Achievements

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MAAPlayRound.jpg Man-at-Arms

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Man-at-Arms

Difficulty: Very easy

How to: Pick the Man-at-Arms and draw the match out for over five minutes without changing class. This can be difficult if you are auto-balanced.

MAAVariety.jpg Variété

As a Man-at-Arms, kill with each of your weapons in a single life

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Let your teammates deal most of the damage, then use your speed to catch and kill weakened enemies at your leisure. Alternatively, chop people up with your halberd to charge your special, use it to secure a kill with your mace, and work in a headshot with the crossbow.

MAAKnocks.jpg The One Who Knocks

Stun 100 enemies with the buckler

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Equip the mace and buckler, find an enemy, and bash them until you get the achievement.

MAABlur.jpg Sacre Blur!

Kill an enemy while blinded

Difficulty: Very Hard

How to: To be blinded, find a Pirate with an explosive. To get a kill while blinded, find a slightly-weakened Viking or a severely-weakened Pirate, and look at the explosion from a safe distance so as not to be stunned while swinging at your chosen target. If you can't seem to avoid being stunned, fire a crossbow bolt just before you get stunned, and it should kill your target while you're stunned, blind, and unable to appreciate your new achievement.

MAAHarvest.jpg Parisian Harvest

Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using your halberd

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Hit people with the halberd about 1500-2000 times, or to express it another way, kill about 1000 enemies (with nothing but the halberd).

MAAOmlette.jpg Omlette Au Perroquet

Bash 10 parrots with your shield as a Man-at-Arms

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Similar to The One Who Knocks, only with parrots instead of people. Consider letting enemy Captains live long enough for their parrots to regenerate so you can kill multiple parrots with only one Captain.

MAALimbhurt.jpg Monsieur Limbhurt

Kill 3 enemies with the halberd while pushing up daisies

Difficulty: Hard

How to: Your special will make acquiring this one easier, both because you'll hit harder, and because enemies will have more trouble hitting you back. Aside from that, avoid food, avoid getting shot by ranged attacks, and use your halberd's range to your advantage.

MAABusiness.jpg Mind Your Own Business

Kill 2 enemies with a single fart special

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Chop up two enemies until they're weak, fart in their general direction, and eliminate them. The quick-swinging mace is good for this.

MAATenderizer.jpg Meat Tenderizer

Kill 100 enemies using your mace

Difficulty: Easy

How to: The One Who Knocks' sister achievement. After stunning people with the buckler, kill them with the mace.

MAAMacetro.jpg Macetro

Kill 4 enemies in a single life with your mace and buckler

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Avoid tough opponents using heavy weapons, while using your buckler to defend against weaker enemies as you mash their faces. Use armor pick-ups to maintain your buckler's integrity.

MAALapin.jpg Le Lapin Sauté

As a Man-at-Arms, kill 100 enemies whilst jumping in air

Difficulty: Easy

How to: In situations where you would usually get a kill while standing on the ground, jump. A hundred times.

MAAReaper.jpg Grim Reaper

Kill 10 enemies in a single life as a Man-at-Arms

Difficulty: Hard

How to: Fight with your teammates, exercise caution, eat your vegetables, and target weaker enemies, but watch your back for enemies targeting you.

MAAWenchy.jpg Frenchy Wenchy

Kill 3 players with your crossbow in a single round

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Both bodyshots and headshots alike are capable of killing weakened enemies. Simply endeavor to finish off your opponents with the crossbow. Avoid Viking shields, and grab some extra ammunition.

MAASubmarine.jpg French Submarine

As a Man-at-Arms, kill 50 enemies while swimming

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Le Lapin Sauté's sister achievement. Find some water (Island, Townsquare, there's a very small amount in Pinegrove) lead some enemies to it, and get to work.

MAAKiss.jpg French Kiss

Headshot 50 enemies with the crossbow

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Aim for the head when shooting people with the crossbow. If you miss, reload and try again until you get it.

MAAWithin.jpg Feel My Shaft Within

Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using your halberd

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Parisian Harvest's little brother of an achievement. Simply hit people with the halberd about 500-750 times, or kill around 100 enemies (with nothing but the halberd).

MAAScoff.jpg Doeth Thou Scoff Verily?

Directly taunt every enemy class

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: "It is like crushing grapes! Très facile!" One by one, look every enemy class in the eye, and taunt them.

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