Obtaining Sharpshooter Achievements

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SSPlayRound.jpg Sharpshooter

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Sharpshooter

Difficulty: Very easy

How to: Pick the Sharpshooter and avoid winning or losing for five minutes without changing class.

SSGunpowder.jpg Age Of Gunpowder

Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using your artisan pistol

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Successfully shoot ~5000 pistol bullets into your foes. It would have been ~2222.2222, but only damage dealt to health counts.

SSElite.jpg Sniper Elite

Kill an enemy with the rifle from 110 ft

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Stand as far back as you possibly can; most maps have at least one wide open space. Try shooting at enemies moving directly towards or away from you, as you'll need to lead them less, or at Knights using their specials, as you may not need to lead them at all. If you decide not to risk a headshot, shoot at weakened enemies and keep an eye on the health pick-ups that they'll be running to.

SSHunter.jpg Head Hunter

Perform 50 headshots with the rifle

Difficulty: Hard

How to: Traveling with teammates who can keep enemies out of your face will make this easier, but it's down to your accuracy in the end. Always be on the lookout for distracted enemies that won't try to dodge you, as well as spinning Heavy Knights.

SSBells.jpg Ringing Bells

Perform 10 headshots from within 10 ft with the rifle on Heavy Knights

Difficulty: Hard

How to: Heavy Knights will not usually enter this range without their shield, so you should attempt to sneak up on them. This will make shooting them in the head easier, as they will not be trying to dodge you. Hiding behind the banana plants on Island while your team is winning will put you in a good spot for this.

SSGunslinger.jpg Gunslinger

Kill 5 enemies with your rifle or artisan pistol in a single life

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Again, teammates can help keep you alive, but accuracy is still important. Avoid reckless maneuvers and blowing yourself up, and remember to grab extra ammunition.

SSBilly.jpg Billy The Kid

Kill 3 enemies with the rifle or artisan pistol within 10 seconds

Difficulty: Very hard

How to: Throw a Grenade at a group of enemies, use your rifle on the toughest head, and quickly pick off the other two before they catch and kill you.

SSParty.jpg Powder Party

Kill 2 enemies with a single rifle special

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Find a couple of fighting enemies, shoot the strongest one (keep him alive for a few seconds more) and blow them both up.

SSHS.jpg Boom, Headshot!

Kill an enemy with a headshot from your rifle

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Headshots are deadly, but not instant death. All enemies must be shot with the pistol at least once, preferably twice or thrice, before you try for a kill-shot.

SSLobizon.jpg El Lobizon

Kill an enraged Berserker with your artisan pistol

Difficulty: Hard

How to: By becoming enraged, Berserkers ensure that it takes at least two more shots to bring them down. Try to find Berserkers fighting Knights, and take your shot when you're certain they've lost their extra health.

Pvk2 sharpshoot dominate archer.png War Has Changed

Dominate an enemy Archer

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Attempt this achievement on a map with predictable spawn locations, else your "victim" might respawn behind you or something. Be sure to fight as unfairly as possible so as to not die; tactically suicide over cliffs and into hazards, hide until you know your target is weakened and distracted, charge your special on other enemies, run into Vikings so they get credit for killing you instead of the Archer, all that good stuff.

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