Obtaining Skirmisher Achievements

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Pvk2 skirm play.jpg Skirmisher

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Skirmisher.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Self-explanatory.

Pvk2 skirm kill withkegtoss 1x.jpg Why Did I Bother Lighting That?

Kill an enemy with a tossed keg.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: You have to light a keg and throw it at an enemy. Try hitting your enemy a couple of times and when he is About To Be Pushing Up The Daisies, light your keg and throw it at them. The easiest way is to throw the keg at an Archer who is About To Be Pushing Up The Daisies.

Pvk2 skirm kegkill 2x.jpg Keg Stand

Kill 2 enemies with a single keg.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: Try to throw your keg into enclosed spaces, like the throne room in Island (preferably at the start of the round, when there are lots of people there). Also easy to get on territory maps, due to people being crammed together in small spaces.

Pvk2 skirm kegkill 4x.jpg Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch

Kill 4 enemies with a single keg

Difficulty: Very hard

How to: This one is pretty hard. You should try to throw the keg into areas where there are huge amounts of people. It's easier to get this on Territory and Deathmatch maps. Same strategy as Keg Stand.

Pvk2 skirm kegkill 500.jpg Keg Whore

Kill 500 enemies with the keg

Difficulty: Hard

How to: Use the keg actively. Like with the previous keg achievements, throw kegs into cramped spaces and crowds to get as many kills with each keg.

Pvk2 skirm kill special 2x.jpg Did I Do That?

Kill 2 enemies with a single cutlass lunge special

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Narrow spaces are best for this one, like the small cave in Island between Pirates and Vikings. Lurk around battling Vikings and Knights long enough, and eventually you'll find two weak enemies. Line them up and Lunge. Otherwise, you can lunge into a crowd of enemies and hope you kill two people.

Pvk2 skirm dinah.jpg Dinah

Failed to realize the usefulness of the cutlass.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: This is a secret achievement. You have to, without killing anyone, waste the 6 bullets of the pistol, the keg and then use the cutlass special (without using the cutlass). You can fill up the special bar using the keg.

Scurvydog.png Ye Scurvy Dog

Kill an enraged Berserker with your pistol.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Enraged Berserkers are often weakened in the process of charging their special, and lack full health and armor. Find one that's Bleeding Profusely and shoot 'em up.

Sword@Gunfight.png Sword At A Gunfight

Kill 10 enemies with your pistol who have recently damaged you with a melee weapon.

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Attack enemies as you usually would, but before killing them, let them hit you. Think twice before you let a large weapon take your head off, though.

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