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In a small abandoned medieval town the players must fight for their beloved trinkets. One of the five original maps, Saints had a bumpy development until it was officially retired as an official map in 2014. Despite that, the map is still downloadable as a Community Classic Map.


  • Name: tw_saints (formerly pvk_saints)
  • Game Mode: Trinket Wars
  • Authors: YeeHaa, Jahur, Colonel Sanders (rerelease)




Saints was one of the five original maps of Beta 1.0, and one of the two maps originaly built for the mod, alongside Fort.


On October 2014 Saints was removed from the official maps list due to its age and several issues regarding gameplay and level design that proved to be unfeasible to be fixed. Nevertheless the last release of the map is often picked up and played in servers based on custom maps.

On January 2016 it was announced that Saints would be rereleased as part of the Unoficial Community Classic Maps series. It was eventualy released on May 1st 2016, alongside Helm's Deep, also developed by Jahur.

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