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As light as the Skirmisher, but only as fast as the Captain, the Sharpshooter has to avoid direct confrontation to survive. This suits him down to the ground.

Sharpshooter Tactic.jpg

General Strategy

  • Let your teammates lead the way, but stay close, lest you get ambushed and separated.
  • If you're facing enemy projectiles, find some cover, and only poke out to shoot at enemies who aren't shooting back.
  • Be aware of how much ammunition you're carrying. If you run out, you're about as much use as keg with no fuse.
  • Use the block button to aim both your Pistol and Rifle. If you've got the time, aim each shot carefully.
  • Standing on top of things may offer some protection from melee attacks, but it tends to make you an obvious target for ranged attacks.
  • If you're injured, consider standing further back, instead of taking food and armor pick-ups from your teammates.
  • At medium-long range, it is necessary to lead your targets, and to compensate for gravity. Just a little, no need to go overboard.

Weapon Specific Strategy

Fancy Dagger

Considerably fancier than either of the cutlasses, it's also worryingly small. Then again, that makes it easier to wave around.

  • The pain it dishes out is out-classed by how painfully little pain it dishes out.
  • Despite its pitiful damage, it swings in a random attack direction. Quite quickly, too. This makes it difficult to block.
  • If an opponent IS trying to block it, use a charged thrust to break through.
  • You should only use this if you find yourself out of ammo in a tight spot, in a cramped melee with a lightly armored class, or against a shield.
  • You should also use it to block attacks, as your guns can't block.
  • If a Huscarl or Gestir seem intent on nailing you with a projectile, you may as well rush them with this. After all, you've got no way to block projectiles.
  • It out-damages the pistol in close range.

Artisan Pistol

Far from the clunky, inaccurate things the others call guns, this weapon is a work of art.

  • This will be the weapon you use most. Make sure you have enough ammunition for it.
  • A few shots will break the weak shields of the Gestir and Man-At-Arms.
  • Although you'll probably never break them (it takes nine shots) there are certain advantages to forcing Heavy Knights and Huscarls to use their shields.
  • It is necessary to aim above your target with this weapon, similar to aiming with other ranged weapons.
  • Moving has almost no effect on this weapon's accuracy. Jumping on the other hand...
  • The damage is significant. Four shots will kill full-health Archers, six will kill full-health Gestirs and Berserkers, and seven will kill full-health Heavy Knights and Huscarls.
  • If you fire your last bullet and run out of ammo, you have to load the next shot manually. To reload, switch to the Pistol and try to fire.


The Sharpshooter's weapon of choice. It may not look impressive, but Boom Headshot!

  • As you may have already guessed, this weapon can score headshots. They're approximately 150% as effective as regular shots.
  • The smoke cloud generated by each shot is great for hiding in.
  • If the fight isn't over after your shot, pull out the Pistol and keep shooting!
  • While some damage is dealt through shields, unless your target is Pushing Up The Daisies, hold your fire.
  • If your target has tried to resupply but neglected their armor, fire away for a satisfying instant kill.
  • If your teammates have somewhere to be, end their fight with a quick shot.
  • Take care not to shoot at the same time somebody else kills your target.
  • A headshot will save you three or four Pistol shots, and a bodyshot will save you two or three, depending on the class.

Special: Grenade

A unique special. The only one that can be charged after activation, and the only one that works after death.

  • It takes a moment to light the powder horn, so use it before you're cornered.
  • It's range is acceptable, but not as long as that of your guns.
  • It explodes in a few seconds, whether or not you actually throw it.
  • Try not to hit yourself with the splash...
  • It blinds enemies hit by it, even those on the edge of its effect.
  • Use it to start fights by damaging and disorienting a few enemies, taking one down with a rifle shot, and any others with the Pistol.
  • Charge it, and aim up to throw it further. If it's airborne for too long, it'll explode mid-flight.

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