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Concept art of the Captain made by Hengishammer from the PVKII Developer team

He may have a peg leg and a hook for a left hand, yes. But Captains are as deadly as their crew and as thirsty for booty as any pirate. Armed with their trusty parrot companion, these guys are tough and don't go down without a fight.


Leader of the Pirates, this tough old man wields powerful weaponry, and boasts greater endurance than any of the other Pirate classes.

With a little skill and a lot of Blunderbuss this class can be devastating. If things get too tough, he can always rely on his vicious Parrot for a momentary distraction. The Captain's spry for his age, but the peg leg slows him down to about average.

Voiced by: Bryn 'TheForgotton' Schurman


Health points: 125

Armor: 150

Speed: 210

Damage required for special: 175


Captain's Cutlass


Bigger, badder, and tastefully fancier than the Skirmisher's cutlass. Although a one-handed weapon, it swings fast and is capable of respectable damage.

Dmg Charged/N:75/56

Forward/Side Interval: 20




The Captain's trusty old firearm. It deals a fair amount of damage up close, and also has a knockback effect. Like a contemporary shotgun, the pellets spread, so you must be in close quarters to deal full damage. There is a short delay after you fire. The Blunderbuss has to be reloaded after every shot, a process that renders you immobile and defenseless for a few seconds.

When your special meter is full, press the special button to load your weapon with an explosive Cannonball (you can still move while loading this). When fired, it will travel relatively slowly, in an arc, until it contacts a surface such as an enemy, whereupon it violently explodes in a a violent explosion of fire and brimstone!

Dmg: 88

Special dmg:121

Parrot and Hook


Faithful companion to the Captain and trained to kill, the Parrot soars to the closest enemy and pecks their eyes out! Low damage, but annoying as hell, so it makes a good distraction and helps fill the special bar. If the Parrot is killed, it takes 30 seconds to respawn.

The Captain's been a fighter all his life, and has seen some dark days. The amputation of his gangrenous left hand during a prolonged stay on a desert island, for instance - a hook has replaced his fist in brawls and boardings alike. Though the damage is low and the range is short, the humiliation is sweet.

Hook/Right Fist Dmg Charged/N: 25/15

Parrot Dmg: 7

List of parrot dye colors


Pvk2 capt play.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Captain"
"A True Hooker"
Pvk2 capt kill hook100x.jpg "Kill 100 enemies with the hook" The Hooker
"Captain Blackbeard"
Pvk2 capt cutlass dmg 1mil.jpg "Amass 1,000,000 points of damage against your enemies using the cutlass"
"POW, Right In The Kisser!"
Pvk2 capt kill punch.jpg "Kill 5 enemies with the punch" The Brawler
"I Wish To Register A Complaint!"
Pvk2 capt fastparrotdeath.jpg "Parrot died within 1 second of release" The Disgruntled
"I Has A Parrot"
Pvk2 capt parrot kills 25x.jpg "Kill 25 enemies with the parrot"
"Pecker Of Doom"
Pvk2 capt parrot kills 50x.jpg "Kill 75 enemies with the parrot" The Harbinger of Doom
"Parrot Frenzy"
Pvk2 capt parrot 3kills 1life.jpg "Kill 3 enemies with the parrot in 1 life" The Parrotmancer
"Great Balls Of Fire"
Pvk2 capt kill special 2x.jpg "Kill 2 enemies with a single blunderbuss special" The Cannoneer
"Hollywood Physics"
Hollywood Finish.png "Cause 5 enemies to fall to their death by blasting them with your blunderbuss" The Physicist
"Black Powder Finish"
Black Powder Finish.png "Kill 5 enemies in 1 life using your blunderbuss"


  • The Captain does not use gunpowder when reloading his blunderbuss.
  • The Captain loads only one shot into the blunderbuss, but when fired, multiple shots come out.
  • The Captain's real name is (Captain) Black Bellamy, which makes him the only Pirate class to have a real name, and the only character in the mod with a surname.

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