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The Captain is one tough sea-dog. He has a fair amount of health and despite his peg-leg, medium speed. His Cutlass and Blunderbuss are dangerous, but his little feathered companion is winged death.

Captain Tactic.jpg

General Strategy

  • As a Captain, you can take more than a little damage before going down. Take hits that would otherwise land on your teammates.
  • Archers are a great threat to you, as you have no long-ranged weapons to fight back, nor a shield to block their arrows. Use the parrot to distract them and close the distance.
  • Your Cutlass is a medium weapon. It cannot perfect parry large weapons such as the Big Axe and the Two-Handed Sword. Try to dodge these attacks rather than try to parry them.
  • Stick close to your team. Alone, you are easy pickings for any group of enemies.
  • Your peg leg makes a distinct sound when you walk. Forget about sneaking up on enemies.
  • Avoid standing between a Sharpshooter and his target. Tempt your enemy by leaving the Sharpshooter open to attack, then cut them to pieces as they charge him.

Weapon Specific Strategy

Captain's Cutlass

Like a regular cutlass, only this is to a regular cutlass what a Captain is to a crewman.

  • The Cutlass is a superb weapon that deals great damage with quick slashes; it's on par with most two-handed weapons.
  • Fighting larger weapons is difficult because you cannot perfectly parry them. Try to dodge in and out of combat in order to bait swings, then attack furiously while they are recovering.
  • Always parry larger weapons if you cannot dodge them. You will still take damage, but nowhere near the amount you would have taken otherwise.
  • If opponents start trying to parry your attacks, use fully-charged swings to break their guard.


The black powder equivalent of a sucker-punch, the Blunderbuss is the Captain's close-range ace.

  • The Blunderbuss deals heavy damage and knockback. It works like most shotguns in other games: the closer your enemy, the better. The Blunderbuss is useless at long distances.
  • The Blunderbuss is very effective when used to finish off wounded opponents. For maximum damage, shoot opponents with low armor.
  • Be aware of the time it takes to change weapons. If you switch to your Blunderbuss, make sure no enemy can hit you before you switch back to the Cutlass.
  • The Blunderbuss packs a great deal of knockback and can be used to push enemies off cliffs and into traps. This is especially useful on Frostbite and Cathedral.
  • You have to reload your Blunderbuss after every shot. You can neither move nor defend while reloading. Wait for pauses and breaks in combat or retreat in order to get your gun loaded.
  • While you cannot move or block while reloading, you can still switch weapons, which will allow you to move again. Exploit this to trick opponents into abandoning your teammates in favor of your "vulnerable" self.
  • You will probably only get one shot per fight. Try to make it count.

Special: Cannonball

If the keg were a bullet, it would be something like this. This special requires a little preparation and premeditation, but the results are spectacular.

  • A flaming Cannonball fired from your blunderbuss: it damages enemies in a reasonable area and is effective against crowds, especially those with low armor and health. Aim for healthy slow enemies, or weak fast enemies.
  • Aim at the feet of your enemy. This will send them flying, disorienting them and thus making them easier to catch. They may even receive extra damage from the fall. You can kill a freshly spawned Archer by using this tactic.
  • In addition to the above effects, it will also temporarily blind enemies.
  • Take care not to hit yourself with the splash damage.
  • You'll still need to reload after firing.

Parrot & Hook

Low damage, and bloody annoying. The Parrot on the (literal) other hand...

  • The Parrot is a great distraction, but not great at surviving sword blows. Avoid sending him in solo - this will only leave you with a dead parrot and one pissed-off enemy. See the list of Parrot Dyes available for changing the color of your parrot.
  • Enemy players will often panic and attack the parrot above all else, even if they are in combat. Use this to get in some free attacks as they flail at your bird, or to take some pressure off a team mate.
  • Archers are annoying, but parrots are even more annoying. Release your parrot to distract enemy Archers and close the distance.
  • Your parrot will respawn, but it takes a while. Try to keep him alive. If an enemy is gunning for your parrot, you should call him back immediately.
  • Release your parrot at an angle to your target - this ensures it will attack from the side or behind, keeping it safe.
  • At point-blank range, you can release the Parrot directly behind your opponent. Surprise?
  • You can heckle enemies with your parrot. If you call him back just before an enemy swings at him, the attack will miss. You can repeat this tactic over and over again, leaving enemies vulnerable, and ramping up the irritation.
  • The Hook is the best humiliation weapon in the game. No wait, your right fist is even better!

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