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Console commands are commands that can be entered into the console to perform certain actions, like changing settings, etc. To access the console, you will need to check the "Enable developer console" option in the Advanced section of the Keyboard Settings. Once that option is enabled, you may open and close the console with the ~ button on your keyboard.

Commands that start with cl_ are client-side commands. Commands that start with mp_ are server-side commands. Some commands require cheats or LAN-only mode to be enabled. You can enable cheats by typing "sv_cheats 1" into the console, or enable LAN-only mode by typing "sv_lan 1" into the console. Either option can be disabled by setting it back to 0.

List of PVKII Console Commands

cl_attachedmodels  : Show/Hide weapon attachments.

cl_meleecrosshair  : Show/Hide melee weapon crosshairs.

cl_motionblur  : Draw motion blur.

cl_pvk2_dropweapons  : Enable/Disable weapon dropping on death.

cl_ragdoll_enable  : Enable ragdolls.

cl_ragdoll_lifetime  : How long ragdolls remain.

cl_ragdoll_limit  : How many ragdolls allowed at any given time.

cl_showplstatus  : Show player special status.

cl_stickyprojectiles_enable  : Show/Hide projectiles in players.

cl_stickyprojectiles_limit  : Limit number of projectiles to allow.

cl_stickyprojectiles_ragdoll  : Show/Hide in dead bodies.

fillspecial  : Fills the special bar.

g_ragdoll_lifetime  : Length of time to show dead ragdolls.

hud_showtimers  : Show/Hide timers.

moveplayer  : Forces a player to change team. Format: moveplayer <userid> <team>

moveplayerid  : Forces a player to change team. Format: moveplayer <userid> <team>

mp_autoteambalance  : Forced team balancing

mp_filterdeadchat  : Should dead player's chat be visible to player's alive

mp_holygrail_killmultiplier  : The number of kills required to win the game is the total number of players multiplied by this value.

mp_holygrail_maxkills  : Don't allow the number of kills required to win the game to be more than this value.

mp_holygrail_minkills  : Don't allow the number of kills required to win the game to be less than this value.

mp_killdelay  : Amount of time in seconds it takes for the 'kill' command to kill the player using it.

mp_limitteams  : Max. allowed diference between team player counts

mp_randsuddendeath  : Controls the chance for sudden death to occur at start of the round. Values run from 0 to 1.

mp_restartround  : Restart round in X seconds

mp_roundlimit  : Round limit in number of rounds

mp_roundtime  : round duration in minutes

mp_roundtimer_lastteamstanding  : Round time for Last Team Standing gamemode

mp_shuffleplayers  : Shuffles players in the server between the three teams equally

mp_suddendeathtime  : Time in seconds that Sudden Death Mode will last

mp_timelimit_waitroundend  : Wait for the end of round before changing map

mp_winlimit  : Win limit in number of rounds

status_pvk2  : Shows Playername, SteamID and Parrot Name of all players in the server.

updateplstatus  : Updates the showing of dev status for the client issuing the command

You can also access many of the default Source engine console commands. See a full list here.