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The Huscarl

Axe Viking

General Info
Introduced in Beta 2.0
Health: 130
Armor: 170
Speed: 200
Damage required for special: 200

A moderately armored viking with ranged capabilities and a shield to guard against the attacks of all opponents. The Huscarl may not be as crazy as the Berserker, but maybe that's a good thing. What lunatic goes into combat shirtless anyway!


The Huscarl is considered sane by the Vikings, which is not surprising when he's compared to the Berserker. Huscarls have a hardy constitution and tough armor, but are a little slow. They are a semi-heavy force that can take and deal considerable amounts of damage.

Specially trained in the art of axe-combat, they wield a heavy battleaxe for fighting, and a set of smaller axes for throwing. With their nigh-impenetrable shield, these Viking troops are prepared for anything and lack any serious drawbacks. Valhalla!

Voiced by: Stig "DragonNOR" Sydtangen



Two-Handed Axe

Sword and Shield

Throwing Axes

Huscarl2HAxe.png HuscarlSwordShield.png HuscarlThrowAxe.png

More glamorous than the Berserker's crude hunk of stone, it matches it in power, but is surpassed in speed. Much like the Huscarl and Berserker themselves.

The Shield offers good protection, and the sword slices faster than the axe. The damage is unimpressive, but it charges quickly. The Shield's main purpose is to protect the Huscarl and his teammates from ranged weapons and kegs. But you can always bash with it if that's what you favor.

Huscarl's ranged weapons. Deadly accurate, as well as just deadly. Charging increases the damage and range of the throw, and the axes are able to ricochet off of hard surfaces if thrown at the right angle. The Huscarl can carry 6 of these with him.


95 (charged), 70 (not charged)


37 (charged), 24 (not charged)

Damage (far)

60 (charged), 25 (not charged)

Forward Interval


Shield Bash Charge

37 (charged), 34 (not charged)

Damage (close)

33 (charged), 14 (not charged)



Special Damage






Special attack: Shield Charge

It only works with the player holding the the Sword and Shield

When your special meter is filled press the special button to quickly charge forward with the Shield, heavily damaging and knocking back enemies in your path.


Pvk2 husc play.jpg "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Huscarl."
Pvk2 husc throwaxe dmg 100k.png "Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using throwing axes." the Lumberjack
"Axes Of Evil"
Pvk2 husc taxekills 100x.png "Kill 100 enemies using your thrown axes." the Belligerent
"House Of Wolves"
Pvk2 husc throwaxe assists 100x.png "Assist 100 kills with throwing axes." the Elite
"Axed By The Arc"
Pvk2 husc kill 60ft.jpg "Kill an enemy with a throwing axe from 60ft." the Perceptive
"Well Rounded"
Pvk2 husc kill all.jpg "As a Huscarl, kill with each of your weapons in a single life." the Jack of All Trades
"Do The Hot Sauce"
Pvk2 husc kill special 2x.jpg "Kill 2 enemies with a single shield dash special."
"Equal Opportunity Eviscerator"
Pvk2 husc swingkill bothteams.png "Kill a Pirate and a Knight with a single axe swing." the Democrat
"I'll Be Blunt"
Pvk2 husc kill blunt.jpg "Kill an enemy using the blunt end of the Huscarl's axe" the Blunt
"Kills First, Aim Second"
Pvk2 husc spec to death.jpg "Used your shield dash special to fall to your death."
"Belle Of The Ball"
Pvk2 husc takedmg all.png "Don't drop the soap." the Pretty Princess


  • The Huscarl was used as the "mascot" of Odin's Pizza Place, a joke/slang first used by the PVKII community but popularized by the Garry's Mod community by the time Pirates, Vikings and Knights II was released on Steam, on February 2010. Many Gmod videos starring the Huscarl (with the old Vikings voice clips) demonstrate a morbid obsession of the title character with pizza.[1]
  • There's a bit of a debate about whether or not the Huscarl is older than the Berserker and vice-versa in terms of character. Huscarl's short height and grizzly hair suggests that he's the older one, however, by comparing both characters' faces, the Berserker has a more wrinkly visage. Some people suggest that they have roughly the same age, which seems to be the most plausible theory.
  • An unused cloak/fur coat model tailored for the Huscarl exists within the mod's folders, in an unfinished state, suggesting that it was dropped out during Huscarl's development for being hard to implement in the player model. It was, however, used in Ferhod's SFM video No Time to Waste, even though Ferhod at the time wasn't aware that Huscarl never used the cloak model in-game.


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