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Field of View

The Field of View affects how your camera sees the world around you. You should only change this if you know a specific FOV you prefer.

Parrot Name

Change the name of your parrot. This name will show up when players aim their weapon at the parrot or when they kill it.

Control method for attacking

You can choose one of three ways to determine attack direction:

  • Mouse motion: When you attack, you move your mouse toward the direction from which to attack, e.g. you move your mouse up to ready an overhead attack.
  • Movement keys: The attack corresponds to whichever direction you're moving, e.g. you move backwards to ready a stab attack.
  • Movement keys inverted: The same as above, but the attack directions are reversed.

Control method for blocking

  • Automatic: You block direction is automatically chosen based on the attack direction of the enemy at whom you're currently looking.
  • Mouse motion: You select your block direction based on the direction of your mouse movement.
  • Movement keys: The block direction corresponds with your movement.
  • Movement keys inverted: The same as above, but the block directions are reversed.

Enable hint popups

Messages will pop-up throughout gameplay to give you hints on what to do.

Show objective markers

Icons appear on-screen to mark the map's objectives, e.g. you'll know where the enemies hold their booty.

Enable announcer voice

Announcers direct the flow of gameplay based on what's happening. If a base is under attack, or another team is on the verge of winning, the announcer will let you know.

Enable real-time render-to-texture shadows (CPU Intensive)

Enable aberration effect for damage received

Enable advanced powderhorn blast effect

Use advanced model shaders (mainly player models)

Display crosshairs with melee weapons

When this is enabled, your melee weapons will still have crosshairs.

Draw peripheral vision indicators

When an enemy leaves your field of view, a small indicator will show you where they went for a short period of time. This helps you keep track of your adversaries during intense and fast-paced melee combat.

Show special player status in scoreboard

Developers, Testers, Donators, and Admins have special statuses that show up on the scoreboard. Some servers have steam community groups setup that give you a special status when you're in their group. This option lets you show or hide your special player status.

Enable freeze-frame death camera (also depends on server)

The freeze-frame camera will zoom in on the player who killed you, and allows for some great screenshots.

Auto-save screenshots of each freeze-frame death

This option allows you to automatically save screenshots of every freeze-frame death.

Auto-save a scoreboard screenshot at the end of a map

Automatically save a screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of every map.

Head bob

Enables a head bob effect while running.

Melee view effects