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The Skirmisher is the lightest and fastest class in the game. He is equipped with a cutlass, six pistols and an explosive powderkeg. He relies on his speed to casually outrun the other classes.

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General Strategy

  • Use your speed to quickly enter and exit melee combat.
  • Flank your opponents, and attack them from unexpected angles while they're busy.
  • Be aware of your low health and armor. Nothing will kill you in one hit, but almost everything will kill you in two.
  • Use jumping, rolling, baiting, and dodging to avoid as many strikes and projectiles as possible.
  • You can easily leave opponents behind and grab some health and armor while they chase you around the map.
  • Choose your opponents carefully.
  • Forget about honorably finishing duels. You are a Pirate.

Weapon Specific Strategy


This is your main weapon. It's quick and can kill light classes like the Archer and Gestir quite fast. Killing heavier classes like the Heavy Knight and Huscarl requires finesse.

  • The Cutlass is fast. Use that to your advantage, and change your attack direction to confuse your enemy's defense.
  • Your speed often permits you to strike once or twice and retreat out of reach before you're even noticed.
  • If you cannot escape an enemy's strikes, try to parry them instead. It will greatly reduce the damage taken.
  • The Cutlass is quick to charge fully. Use chains of charged attacks against blocking opponents. This will prevent perfect parries and counter-attacks which could seal your fate.
  • Use fully charged attacks against other fully charged weapons to stun your enemy. Your quicker charge allows you to follow up with more charged attacks.

Special: Lunge

One of the simplest and most direct specials, it's as quick as the Skirmisher himself, and just as painful.

  • Aim it quickly, or else opponents may realize you're about to use it and dodge out of the way.
  • Use it to quickly end a fight if you've got somewhere to be.
  • It's effective against targets pinned to walls, and stuck in corners.
  • It's significantly less effective when traveling up hills and stairs, and incapable of working down-hill.
  • Not even other specials can stop it from powering forward.
  • Be wary of ranged attacks aimed at your destination.
  • Small, miscellaneous props can cause you to be snagged on them while Lunging.

Flintlock Pistols

A set of six handy, but inaccurate, flintlock pistols.

  • Stand still for increased accuracy. Continue running after your shot.
  • If you can't afford to stand still, stay as close as you can to your target to minimize missed shots.
  • The Pistols won't deal much damage against heavily-armored opponents. Once their armor is gone they become more effective.
  • Use your Pistols while escaping, or to finish off fleeing enemies.
  • Soften up enemies until they switch to a shield or ranged weapon, then rush them with the Cutlass.
  • 4-5 successful shots will fill an empty special bar.
  • If you're going to reload one pistol, try to reload all of them.


The ace up the Skirmisher's sleeve. Massive damage combined with serious knockback.

  • It takes some time to light the wick and even more time until the keg explodes. You are completely defenseless while lighting.
  • Hide, light your keg, wait until the fuse is about to go inside the keg, then throw.
  • Always try to blow up group of enemies. Ideally a group of Vikings fighting some Knights.
  • Alternatively, you could try to blow up a group of enemies fighting your teammates.
  • Keep in mind that teammates near the explosion will be temporarily stunned.
  • In addition to heavily damaging enemies, the explosion blinds affected targets and leaves a large cloud of smoke that obscures vision.
  • The keg is a good way to fill your special bar.
  • The keg is an effective room-clearer. Toss it into a territory or chest-zone, and your teammates will have the area to themselves.
  • Avoid using the keg while engaged in a melee!
  • The lava in Arena instantly explodes kegs that are thrown inside it. This is useful in 1vs1 situations, as your opponent will not expect the keg to explode that soon.
  • If your enemy holds up a shield in front of him, try to throw the keg behind him.
  • If your targets start fleeing the blast zone, toss the keg away and chase them down before they regroup.
  • Stand back, your enemies aren't the only ones that'll be blown to smithereens if you stick around.

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