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Also commonly known as Orange, it's a rather basic Booty map that leads to very fast-paced matches.


  • Map file: chesttest, bt_orange
  • Mode: Booty
  • Author: Unknown, Colonel Sanders
  • Release Date: May 2016 (Chesttest)
  • Theme: None
  • Number of Chests: 4
  • Timer per Team: | Pirates | Vikings | Knights |
  • Pick-ups: None
  • Stage Hazards: None


Chest Test is quite simple in design, with three areas that belong to their respective classes and an upper floor that leads to the chests. Just like many Booty maps, the chests are unlocked for thirty seconds. All classes spawn near the entrances to the upper floor, while their respective chest areas are located in front of them, on the edges of the map. The Knights' base is noticeably larger, taking over half of the level's area.

Being a very small and minimalistic map, Chest Test has no pickups scattered around the map and for the sake of balancing the game none will ever be added.


The map makes use of development textures provided by the Source Engine, and as a result there's no specific theme over it. The classes' bases are specified by the giant letters placed in front of the chest areas. Despite the basic look, many development members claim that the dev testures give the level a clean and pleasing look.


Though the original author and completion date are unknown, the map's original name indicate that it was originaly conceived as a level to experiment the Booty game mode, back when Pirates, Vikings and Knights II was still in early development. The map was released sometime after the first official release of the mod, under the name of Orange, a name often used in Team Fortress 2 maps with similar aesthetic. Orange is totally identical to Chest Test aside from the filename, and it's among the most popular maps picked up on Slammin Butt Pirates' custom maps servers.

The original Chest Test was eventually released on May 5th 2016 by Colonel Sanders as part of the Community Classic Maps series, alongside the old version of Sandstorm.

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