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Concept art of the Cleric made by Hengishammer from the PVKII Developer team

The Cleric is the healer class of the knights, able to cure poison and heal teammates.




Staff Render

Damage: Moderate

Damage Type: Blunt

Speed: Medium/Slow

Primary Attack: This is a blunt attack. (4 methods of attack)

Block: The staff can be used to block.

Holy Water


Damage: N/A

Damage Type: N/A

Speed: Fast

Primary Attack: Drops one healing unit on the ground.

Block: Drops one big holy water jug on the ground. This is a significant amount of life and also cures ailments.



Primary Attack: Holding down Primary Attack starts winding the sling. The longer it’s held down the faster and further the stone will fly. Releasing primary will let the stone fly. This is a very tricky weapon to aim accurately.


Damage: N/A

Damage Type: N/A

Speed: Fast

Special: This is an ability that temporarily gives the Cleric a 5 second, self-only invulnerability.