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I did not have much experience programming mods for Source Engine nor even experience with C++. In wanting to learn more about the Source SDK I taught myself C++ while learning to program with the Source SDK. The first code based thing I made was Antlion Troopers Deuce which was a follow-up to the small map Antlion Troopers. I then worked on a small mod called Ricochet Source where I got it almost completed, but had to leave for school and work obligations. I finally landed this current job I have now, which is developing serious games for the U.S. Military. We use Source Engine as one of our main engines in this manner. I really learned a lot with this job, and so it was after this that I joined the PVK II team. On the team, I helped bring about things such as Last Team Standing, Named Parrots/Parrot defecation, Achievements, Score System, and Choreography systems for voice acting.