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Concept art of the Freebooter made by Hengishammer from the PVKII Developer team

The Freebooter is the Pirates' stealth class. In addition to having 2 unique weapons: the Dagger and the Whip, the Freebooter also has poison (which can be applied to the dagger) and the ability to camouflage himself.




Damage: Moderate/Light

Damage Type: Cutting

Speed: Fast

Primary Attack: This is a fast slashing attack, which doesn't do much damage, but is good for finishing off a wounded enemy. 4 methods of attack.

Block: Allows Freebooter to perform parries.

Special: This is a stab, which can be very deadly if used correctly. Stabbing an enemy in the back delivers a critical amount of damage.


Damage: Light

Damage Type: Gradual

Speed: Fast

Primary Attack: When poison is selected and primary attack is fired, the Freebooter adds the poison to his dagger. The poison will remain on the dagger until he hits an enemy. » Any 'Ealer, Seio-Kona or Cleric can remove the poison effect, otherwise it will stay until the player dies.



Damage: Moderate

Damage Type: Cutting

Speed: Medium

Primary Attack: The whip is deployed and the player uses Primary again to 'snap' it. Timing depends on the distance of the enemy.

Block: The whip is deployed for grabbing onto things such as an enemy's body part, or a branch for swinging. Again, the whip must be pulled back at the right moment, using block again.


This can be activated any time by pressing an assigned key. The Freebooter fades from view a certain percentage. Once the Freebooter moves, the disguise is gone and he can be seen as normal. Camouflage works better in shadows and dark places.