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Armed with simple yet powerful weapons, a tough shield and heavy armor; where other classes have weaknesses, Huscarls have strengths.

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General Strategy

  • Use your varied arsenal to adapt your strategy as necessary.
  • Stick with teammates to compensate for their weaknesses, and take advantage of your combined strengths.
  • Use the Two-Handed Axe to act as the primary damage-dealer of your group.
  • Use the Sword & Shield to act as a tank, or as combat support.
  • Use the Throwing Axes to assist with the initiation of fights, or act as ranged support.
  • You can also adapt to the style of the enemy you're fighting.

Weapon Specific Strategy

Two-Handed Axe

An elegantly-engraved hand tool used mostly for cutting tall things down at the base. In a pinch, it can also be used a weapon.

  • The range of this weapon is surprisingly short. Get in close before swinging.
  • Use it to contest Heavy Knights, over-power Captains and Men-at-Arms, and to strike down Archers, Sharpshooters, and Skirmishers.
  • Use it in combination with the Gestir's Shield, and the Berserker's Sword & Axe.
  • Given the moderate damage of the Gestir's Spear, you should consider combining it with the heavy damage of the Axe.
  • The only weapon that can perfectly parry the Axe is the Heavy Knight's Longsword; your attacks need not be fully-charged to be deadly.

Sword & Shield

One of the toughest shields, but one of the weakest swords. However, the sword isn't supposed to be the deadly part.

  • Use it to defend yourself and others from Archers, Sharpshooters, and other ranged attacks.
  • Use the shield bash against the slower, larger weapons.
  • Use it with the Berserker's Big Axe, and the Gestir's Javelins.
  • It's a simple matter to back an enemy into a corner safely, slice them up to fill your special, and go back to defending.
  • Wander around with the shield in-hand, ready to defend from ranged ambushes.

Special: Shield Dash

A quick and surprising piloted dash. Good for when a regular shield-bash isn't knocking people around enough.

  • Your ability to turn is impaired while dashing. Aim first.
  • The shield will continue to protect you as you dash.
  • The knockback from this special is rivaled only by the explosives of the Pirates.
  • Consider switching to the Throwing Axes to finish off displaced opponents.
  • It's more than capable of pushing enemies into environmental hazards.
  • Try not to charge into those hazards yourself...
  • It's especially effective at turning enemies in front of walls into pancakes.
  • After a certain amount of hits on an enemy, it ceases to damage them further. It will continue to stun and knock them back though.
  • You retain just enough control to navigate around corners. Surprise!

Throwing Axes

Like the Two-Handed Axe, but smaller, and somehow with a longer range.

  • While slower, weaker, and more affected by gravity than arrows, you're much tougher than an Archer, so get closer to your target.
  • Use them to suppress Heavy Knights, and take down Archers, Captains, and Sharpshooters.
  • Use them to assist Berserkers and Gestirs from a safe distance.
  • You can only carry six, so keep your supply stocked.
  • You move slightly slower when charging them.
  • If you can't seem to catch an Archer or Sharpshooter, either use these or just abandon the chase.
  • Avoid using these against Skirmishers and Men-At-Arms, as they might rush you while you're not wielding a heavy weapon.
  • Your two-handed axe is for fighting. These are for adapting to situations where the two-handed axe just isn't two-handed enough.

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