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Concept art of the Lord made by Hengishammer from the PVKII Developer team

The Lord is the lord class for the knights. His most unique weapon is the War Drum, which is a supporting weapon that can empower fellow knights when played.


Warhammer and Shield


Damage: Moderate

Damage Type: Blunt/Bashing

Speed: Medium/Fast

Primary Attack: This will bash with the warhammer at the opponent. (4 methods of attack)

Block: Holding Block holds the shield up to block. While the shield is being held up, using primary attack will bash with the shield. Release secondary to lower the shield.

Special: This is a move where the Lord attacks with an overhead strike using both hands on his war hammer to create a powerful hit that knocks the opponent back, and blurs vision along with dizziness as well as taking a goodly amount of damage with it.

Two-Handed Flail


Damage: Heavy

Damage Type: Blunt

Speed: Very Slow

Primary Attack: The longer held back, the more damage is caused. The highest point of damage causes knock back & Dizzy with damage. (2 methods of attack)

Block: Enables Lord to slowly block incoming Attacks.

War Drum


Stats Boosted: Walk Speed & Health

Special Awarded: Strategic Sense

Radius of Effect: TBA

Primary Attack: Holding primary attack starts playing the war drums. Any Knights within the radius during this time will be given stat boosts and a strategic sense. The drum can only be played for an allotted time, then there's a 30 second break before it can be used again. The effects of the drum will wear off 10-15 seconds after the Lord stops.

Strategic Sense: As long as the song plays, Relic positions, Flag Positions, and any live but unlit keg barrels are shown on their maps with icons. After the effects of the song wear off, the icons fade.