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Ever since Pirates, Vikings and Knights fight for honor and gold some players have asked themselves: "Where are the ninjas?" For yet unknown reasons these players are not satisfied by three epic teams and have an inexplicable desire for a fourth "asian/ninja/samurai" team. This has led to a never ending flood of forum suggestions named "Ninjas pl0x", "Awesom idaes" or "Can we has ninjas?".

A small hint: Do not, for the sake of innocent kittens and your future grandchildren, suggest or even imply a ninja team or class or weapon.

Five different coloured Ninjas? Run for your life. The red one is extremely sneaky

There are three reasons not to have a ninja team:

1. The most obvious reason: Ninjas are already in-game. You just can't see them. Unless they are dead of course but chances are low to ever find a dead one as not being seen is quite a good defense. You might now think "But in hg_temple there is a dead ninja!" Stop thinking, it's unhealthy. This Ninja in hg_temple is not dead. He just feigns his death so he can stab you in your little cute eyes if you ever suggest a Ninja team again.

2. "Pirates, Vikings and Knights AND Ninjas, also with Samurais II" is such an awful long name. So don't suggest "Pirates, Vikings and Knights AND Ninjas, also with Samurais II" or you will be dead before you can say "Pirates, Vikings and Knights AND Ninjas, also with Samurais II"

3. Imagine the teams as a triangle. Every geometric shape can be build by triangles, not by quadrangles. Three is a magic number. Three Musketeers (forget D'Artagnan, he wasnt a Ninja), rock-paper-scissors, even the Holy Trinity. Suggesting a fourth team makes Jesus cry.