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RootJack Logo

RootJack is a tasty Root Beer with a hint of Orange flavor and Vanilla, Guarana to liven yer step, and a full daily dose of Vitamin C to keep scurvy in check.

VooDoo Elixirs, Inc. contacted Crazytalk in April of 2008 to ask if the dev team would be interested in a co-op marketing program.

By August 2008 a verbal (technically a Private Message) agreement and plan was reached. A RootJack graphic and link appeared on the website. A graphic and link appeared on the website.

March 2009 a contractual agreement was signed that protects the parties in case the properties every change hands. Both parties allowed each other to use the other sides intellectual properties for the purpose of the agreement. From the RootJack side that includes our standard logos and the character "Astrea valentine."

June 2009, RootJack has its first bottling run. A PVKII logo is proudly emblazed on the back label.

RootJack logos appeared in PVKII starting with the release of v2.3, Feb 2010.

This completed the first co-op marketing program of its kind. Absolutely no money exchanged hands. Just two groups working together for mutual benefit.

RootJack Bottle backside