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Current State

Lead Sound Producer / Designer at PunyHumanGames

Sound Producer / Designer at PVKII Team

Sound Producer / Designer at OperationLambda Team



Blade Symphony

Pirates, Vikings and Knights II

Operation Lambda

Sound Development

Sverek started Audio development back in 2008, when his clan-mate "Snowman" needed sounds for his map. Back then sverek was a hardcore fan of Dystopia. After bringing the sounds into the map he went deeper into audio development and was picked by the Dystopia Team as an Audio Engineer. There sverek started his "professional" audio development. As he got more and more experience working with Cybernetic Mod (Dystopia), sverek wanted to try his skills in other mods, that based on totally different theme.

PVKII seemed like a good place for him. He loved playing PVKII, and after Orange Box release, he noticed lots of graphical improvement. However outdated PVKII sounds were pulling overall quality mod. After applying, PVKII Team picked sverek to work on sounds. Most of his work will be heard in PVKII beta 2.4 release. There will be huge update for weapon, environmental and physics sounds.