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Stranded in a glacier in the North Pole, the three teams struggle to fight for some hard-earned booty.

Glacier is a booty map which is currently in development.


In early 2007, shortly after the first release of the game, It was announced the PVKII Layout Competition, the mod's very first community-driven contest, where users from the official forums could submit ideas for map layouts. The winner of the competition was Parrot of War and his idea for a map called Glacier.

Original description of Glacier

Glacier's original layout by Parrot of War.

Map Name: pvk_glacier

Size: medium

Game Mode: Booty


It's mostly a flat plateau are on top of cliffs that drop down right into an ocean (I guess the correct term for that would be fjords). This map takes place in Iceland so it's snowy. Takes place in the evening, sun is beginning to set. Inside the cliffs, there is a decent sized cavern complete with stalagtites, stalagmites, and icesicles. In the cavern, right below the viking's spawn is a sinkhole filled with lava.

Specific Areas

Pirate Base

A small triagular shaped beach surrounded by cliff walls on two sides, and ocean on one side. The beach is both sandy and snowy. A washed up pirates ship takes up a lot of space on it. The pirates spawn either on or inside the ship. In the below decks of the ship is probably what you would normally find on a pirate ship: hamocks, barrols, and lots of alcohol laying around. Also, there is a captain's quarters. The chests can be kept only on the outer deck. There are a couple tunnels, to enter or exit from the beach to outer areas, one tunnel is through the cliffs and another tunnel through the glacier. Also, you can walk through the water in a shallow area to the knights' spawn. There will be a cannon on the ship that will be aimed at the tunnel in the cliff walls, but unlike the other cannons it will kill in one hit. You can't repeatedly use the cannon, it takes time between each shot.

Viking Base

Almost all of the viking base is located on top of the cliffs, almost in the middle of the map. It consists of a viking camp with walls set up mostly around it, but there are still some breaches. The camp consists of viking houses (the kind with the thatched roofs) and tents and a large campfire with animals roasting above them in the middle. In one of the viking houses, there is a large hole in the ground with a ladder in it leading down into the cave. Where the ladder leads is a small chamber in the cave with a campfire set up in the middle and some animal skins on the ground (for beds), but vikings don't spawn in the cave. I'm thinking that over both of the breaches there could be a large pot of boiling oil that you can pour over people going through them. Like the cannon, you can't repeatedly use the pots over and over, it takes time.

Knight Base

Also on top of the cliffs. There is a knight's flag set up surrounded only by boulders and trees (pine trees). There is a hole in the ground that leads to two tunnels. One goes to the pirates' base and the other leading to the cave. There is also a large wooden bridge leading across a very large and very deep hole in the ground (falling down it leads to freezing cold water, killing you). I plan for there to a be a trapdoor on the bridge that can be set off on the knight's side of the bridge possibly by a lever. Like the traps in the vikings and pirates spawns, you can't use it repeatedly. Once the trap door releases, it takes time until it raises again and you can use it again.


There are two tunnels going from the pirate base directly to the large cavern chamber in the middle. As well as a couple from vikings and one from the knights. In the chamber below the viking's base (which is the biggest one) there are beds made from animal skins and a couple tables and chairs as well as a campfire. Lanterns are on the wall to give light. The cave is filled with stelagtites, stelagmites, and icesicles. In the middle there is a pit of lava with an "island" in the center. On the "island" there are two ladders that lead up into a hut above, in the viking village. To take a chest down the ladder and through the caves, you would need to throw the chest across the lava, and then jump over the lava yourself because there is no bridge, but it is easily accessible by jumping. I already have a couple trap ideas to be in the cave, but I don't want to give them away.


The glacer is a light bluish-whitish color (like a real glacier). When you hit it with your weapon, it will make the sound as if you hit glass, and it will leave the same mark as when you hit bullet proof glass in HL2. There are two tunnels in the glacier, both leading from the pirate's base to the viking's base. The tunnels should look something like this inside: [1]


The pirates and knights encountered eachother on the seas in their ships. Being natural enemies they immediately battled, and the battle lasted hours. After the pirates fled they came back in larger numbers and the knights fled, then coming back in even larger numbers. They did this for days, and faught until they found themselves in a bery unfamiliar (and cold) part of the seas. The pirates showed were proving themselves winners because of their seaworthiness with a combination of bad weather. After losing many men and ships, the knights retreated with just one badly damaged ship. The pirates celebrated that night by drinking and partying. Unfortunately or them, the worst of the storm was yet to come. Soon the strong winds and rain came, tossing the pirates ships' like bath toys. The pirates were soon washed up on a small beach set between to cliffs. Only one ship made it there, the others sunk from the storm or hit the cliff walls and sunk.

The knights had actually retreated to that same location when the storm first started. Their ship was completely washed away leaving no evidence they were there, except a couple lifeboats at the bottom of the cliffs. After sticking a knights flag in the ground to mark their territory, they discovered a beautiful cavern. They would have normally took shelter there, if they hadn't realized the sign that they weren't alone: freshly lit torches set up all around the cave. They snuck around the cave listening very closely for any sign of enemy activity going on. They soon heard voices and quickly unsheathed their weapons. They came upon a group of vikings gathered around a campfire in a chamber in the cave. The knights ambushed them, resulting in them fleeing out of the cave. Half of the knights followed the fleeing vikings and the otehr half climbed a ladder leading to the surface to investigate. They found themselves in the middle of a viking camp, where vikings were completely unaware of the knights' presence. The knights sent a scout to investigate, who soon came back with important imformation. The scout said he saw a section of the camp with many treasure chests. He said he counted six, and that they all looked like they belonged to knights at one point. The knights were infuriated and, without thinking, they rushed into the camp. The vikings very soon after faught off all the knights. The knights regrouped where their flag was set up and attacked the vikings' camp from many directions.

The vikings had lived on this land for years, and they felt they deserved the treasure since it was on their territory. When the knights came to attack their base, the vikings were ready and faught back. The pirates eventually stumbled upon the battle between the knights and vikings, and in typical pirate fashion, they tried to smuggle some treasure while they were distracted. They were quickly spotted and were forced to joined in with the fighting. After a while they all retreated back to their bases and regrouped. What happens next is up to you.

Early Development

Development of the map was reportedly started in early 2008 by MrAgent.

"I began working on pvk_glaicer last week with smilie. We have some progress done on the map, but nothing significant yet. For those that dont know, pvk_glacier is the map that won the mapping contest last year. I decided to pick up the map, and start making it. Along with help from smilie, it should turn out to be a great map. I dont have a compileable version yet, so I cant really take any screen shots. When I have a compileable version ready for testing, then I will get some screen shots available."

Despite that, the progress was tremendously slow and, due to MrAgent's busy life, the project was halted for an indefinite time.

In 2013, interest in working on Glacier has resurfaced and several tests on MrAgent's latest build of the build were made, pointing out some of the flaws of its level design. Eventually, a new version of the map would be built from scratch.

Enter Hurtcules

Hurtcules experimenting with placeholder models in Glacier.

In early 2015, Hurtcules, an experienced mapper whose work is seen in several community-made maps for other games, joined the forums and was chosen to work in a brand new version of Glacier. While Parrot of War's basic layout was maintained and several visual attributes will be used, a couple of changes will be done. A central area will be added where all the treasure chests will be located, shallow water will hurt and kill players, and the glacier will be located in the background rather than being part of the level.

Working on the map's layout took a good period of time in 2015 until, at the end of the year, Glacier was ready to get its own props.[2] Due to his hard work on the map, Hurtcules was upgraded to member of the PVKII Team around that time.

Throughout 2016 a lot of videos showing the progress of the map have been uploaded on YouTube, such as the development vlog about it,[3] and PVKLive, streamed in September 2016, where it already shows a lot of Hurtcules' props gaining shape, albeit without textures.[4] As of December 2016, Glacier remains one of the development team's top priorities for upcoming new content.