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Pirates, Vikings and Knights II is notable for its official maps, not only gameplay-wise, but for its sheer variety of locations and level design, each map completely unique and visually stunning. As of December 2017 the mod supports 15 official maps, two of which have a variant of their own, giving the mod a grand total of 17 official maps.

Official Map Listing

Forgotten Island Pinegrove Townsquare
Forgotten widescreen.png Island widescreen.png Pinegrove widescreen.png Townsquare widescreen.jpg

Last Team Standing
Arena Cathedral Gravedanger Town
Arena widescreen.png Cathedral widescreen.png Gravedanger widescreen.png Town widescreen.png

Trinket Wars
Fort Frostbite Desertruin Temple Tortuga
Fort widescreen.png Frostbite widescreen.png Desertruin widescreen.png Temple widescreen.png Tortuga widescreen.png

Cara Sandstorm Tortuga
Cara widescreen.png Sandstorm widescreen.png Tortuga widescreen.png

Fort widescreen.png