Obtaining Huscarl Achievements

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Pvk2 husc play.jpg Huscarl

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Huscarl.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Avail yourself of the Huscarl class, and chase Skirmishers and Archers around to stop them from winning or losing for five minutes.

Pvk2 husc throwaxe dmg 100k.png

Pvk2 husc throwaxe assists 100x.png Pvk2 husc taxekills 100x.png

Woodsman, House Of Wolves & Axes Of Evil

Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using throwing axes. Assist 100 kills with throwing axes. Kill 100 enemies using your thrown axes.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Use charged throws against enemies to accrue damage, when they're About to be Pushing up the Daises to get kills (Bleeding Profusely if they're a weaker class) and uncharged throws against Bleeding enemies when your teammates are fighting them to secure assists. The grace period for assist damage is about three seconds.

Pvk2 husc kill 60ft.jpg Axed By The Arc

Kill an enemy with a throwing axe from 60ft.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How To: Aim at doorways and tunnels, people sneaking off with chests who are only listening for threats close-by, and not looking for axes coming from way downtown, and people stopping to type after killing somebody. More a matter of right place, right time, than accuracy or prediction, although you can use those as well.

Pvk2 husc kill special 2x.jpg Do The Hot Sauce

Kill 2 enemies with a single shield dash special.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: The shield-dash has a bad habit of knocking people out of harm's way, so look for enemies Bleeding Profusely-or-worse gummed up between your teammates (or their own opponents, or each other) and walls and corners and things to keep them from flying away and avoiding the rest of the special.

Pvk2 husc kill all.jpg Well Rounded

As a Huscarl, kill with each of your weapons in a single life.

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Move with teammates to keep another group from focusing you down (hopefully) and try to get a sword kill first, as that will be the most difficult.

Use the throwing axe technique outlined above, and then use the two-handed axe normally. Your main concern is staying alive, so avoid charging ahead to secure objectives.

Pvk2 husc swingkill bothteams.png Equal Opportunity Eviscerator

Kill a Pirate and a Knight with a single axe swing.

Difficulty: Impossible

How to: The axe has a decent enough range to make hitting two people a reasonable task with a horizontal swing, but killing two people? Let alone a Pirate and a Knight? The most likely scenario in which this will occur is you stumbling upon an inept Skirmisher flailing against an incompetent Archer, and they both more or less ignore you as you take their heads off.

Another potential scenario is when they're fighting over an objective, such as when a Kamikaze Kaptain has hobbled into the Knights' throne room in Island, and a Knight that you were fighting just happens to get too close to him as he tries to pick up a chest.

This achievement just can't be engineered short of deliberately farming it with a couple of friends (or friendly strangers). The best strategy is to remember that it exists, so you never miss an opportunity to try and get it.

Pvk2 husc kill blunt.jpg I'll Be Blunt

Kill an enemy using the blunt end of the Huscarl's axe

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: Use the two-handed axe's backwards attack to get a kill. Best attempted against slow or cornered enemies so they can't run away while you're figuring out which direction is backwards.

Pvk2 husc spec to death.jpg Kills First, Aim Second

Used your shield dash special to fall to your death.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: It's funnier to get this alongside killing somebody, if possible. Cathedral, Forgotten, Cara, Tortuga, and Frostbite have good opportunities for this.

Pvk2 husc takedmg all.png Belle Of The Ball

Don't drop the soap.

Difficulty: ????

How to: This is a secret achievement. Nobody seems to know exactly how to get it, but most everybody will tell you they got it while in a big fight. Shouldn't be too hard to find one of those and run some tests, right?

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