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Achievements are little in-game reminders that tell you how much you rock! Well, most of them anyway. It is unlikely that they will affect gameplay beyond influencing players' actions. Some achievements unlock fancy titles players can show off with.

Class-Specific Achievements

Class-Specific Achievements
Pirates Vikings Knights
Pvk2 skirm play.jpg Pvk2 capt play.jpg SSPlayRound.jpg Pvk2 buccaneer play.png Pvk2 zerker play.jpg Pvk2 husc play.jpg Pvk2 gestir play.jpg Pvk2 bondi play.jpg Pvk2 heavyk play.jpg Pvk2 archer play.jpg MAAPlayRound.jpg Pvk2 assassin play.png
Skirmisher Captain Sharpshooter Buccaneer Berserker Huscarl Gestir Bondi Heavy Knight Archer Man-at-Arms Assassin
And How To Get Them
Pirates Vikings Knights
Pvk2 skirm shoot keg kill 2x.jpg Pvk2 capt punch kills 100x.png Pvk2 sharpshoot dominate archer.png Pvk2 capt kill punch.jpg Pvk2 zerker kill special 3x.jpg Pvk2 husc kill special 2x.jpg GestirFund.jpg Pvk2 bondi objective points 1000x.jpg Pvk2 heavyk kill counter 100x.png Pvk2 archer dominate sharpshooter.png MAAReaper.jpg Pvk2 assassin capchest nodmg one life 2x.jpg
Skirmisher Captain Sharpshooter Buccaneer Berserker Huscarl Gestir Bondi Heavy Knight Archer Man-at-Arms Assassin

General Achievements


"I Shall Smite Thee!"
Pvk2 5kills 1life.jpg "Kill 5 enemies in a single life"
"I Shall Feast On Your Bones!"
Pvk2 20kills 1life.jpg "Kill 10 enemies in a single life"
"I'm Invincible!"
Pvk2 30kills 1life.jpg "Kill 20 enemies in a single life" The Invincible
"From Davy Jones' Locker"
Pvk2 kill dead5x.jpg "Kill 5 enemies after you have already been slain" The Poltergeist
"Hero Kill"
Pvk2 daisy kills 3x.jpg "Kill 3 enemies in one life while you are Pushing up Daisies without grabbing any health pickups" The Heroic
"Anger Management"
Pvk2 kill zerker specialed.jpg "Kill a Berserker while he is Berserked" The Wolf Slayer


Pvk2 kill melee 25x.jpg "Kill 25 enemies in hand to hand combat"
"I Have Never Lost A Melee"
Pvk2 kill melee 200x.jpg "Kill 200 enemies in hand to hand combat"
"My Sword Skills Are Highly Venerated"
Pvk2 kill melee 1000x.jpg "Kill 1000 enemies in hand to hand combat"
"Melee God"
Pvk2 kill melee 5000x.jpg "Kill 5000 enemies in hand to hand combat" The God of Melee


Pvk2 kill ranged 25x.jpg "Kill 25 enemies with a ranged weapon"
"Know How To Aim"
Pvk2 kill ranged 200x.jpg "Kill 200 enemies with a ranged weapon"
"Keep The Distance"
Pvk2 kill ranged 1000x.jpg "Kill 1000 enemies with a ranged weapon"
"Ranged Whore"
Pvk2 kill ranged 5000x.jpg "Kill 5000 enemies with a ranged weapon" The God of Pincushioning
"Tricky Shot"
Pvk2 ricochet kill.jpg "Kill 5 enemies with ricocheted projectiles"


"Parrot Killer"
Pvk2 kill parrots 5x.jpg "Kill 5 enemy parrots"
"Parrot Murderer"
Pvk2 kill parrots 100x.jpg "Kill 100 enemy parrots" The Parrot Slayer
"Enemy Of PETA"
Pvk2 kill parrots 1000x.jpg "Kill 1000 enemy parrots" The Beak Stuffer

Suicide and Traps

Suicide and Traps
"Oops, Did That Hurt?"
Pvk2 kill suicide 1x.jpg "Cause an assisted suicide"
"Dr. Kevorkian"
Pvk2 kill suicide 100x.jpg "Cause 100 assisted suicides"
"Mouse Trap"
Pvk2 temple trap death.jpg "Kill an enemy in Temple using one of the traps" The Poacher
"Trapped Mouse"
Pvk2 temple trap death.jpg "Died in one of the traps in Temple that was triggered by an enemy" The Trapped
"Sharp Pointy Teeth!"
Pvk2 temple secret death.jpg "That's no ordinary rabbit!" The Enchanter
"Otzi The Iceman"
Pvk2 cath freeze death.jpg "Cause an enemy to freeze to death in Cathedral" The Cold-Blooded
"Got A Crush On You"
Pvk2 cath pillar death.jpg "Cause an enemy to die from being crushed by a pillar in Cathedral"
"I'm Burnin' For You"
Pvk2 arena lava death.jpg "Cause an enemy to die from the lava in Arena"
"Asleep With The Fishies!"
Pvk2 drowned death.jpg "Died while in combat underwater"
"This Is Sparta!"
Pvk2 kill bash fall.jpg "Cause someone to fall to their death by bashing them with your shield" The Spartan
"This Is Madness!"
Pvk2 die bash fall.jpg "Fell to your death after being bashed" The Demented
"Have A Nice Trip"
Pvk2 diefrom fall1x.jpg "Fell to your death"
"See You Next Fall"
Pvk2 diefrom fall50x.jpg "Fell to your death 50 times"


"You Shall Not Pass!"
Pvk2 defend territory 15x.jpg "Defend territories from enemies 15 times" The Grey
"Sand Blasted"
Pvk2 shutout sandstorm.jpg "Win a game playing Sandstorm in under 6 minutes (12+ Players)" The Dune Surfer

Trinket Wars

Trinket Wars
"Superior Messiah"
Superior messiah.png "Kill an enemy Trinket carrier whilst holding yours" The Prophet
"Mine's Better"
Mines Better.png "Kill both enemy Trinket carriers within 10 seconds" The Showoff
"Sharing is Caring"
Caring.png "Pass the Trinket to a teammate 10 times when on low health" The Altruist
"I Be Unstoppable"
I Be Unstoppable.png "Kill 50 enemies whilst holding your team's Trinket" The Unstoppable
"So, Come Take a Drink..."
Mines Better.png "Whilst carrying a Trinket, heal 10,000 points of life to nearby teammates" The Tavern Wench
"The Chosen One"
Thechosenone.png "Begin with the Trinket and end with the Trinket without dropping it or passing it (12+ players)"
"One Man Army"
One Man Army.png "Kill 15 Trinket carriers"

Holy Grail

Holy Grail
"Holier Than Thou"
Pvk2 grail grab 10x.jpg "Take control of the Holy Grail 10 times"
"Seeker Of The Grail"
Pvk2 grail grab 100x.jpg "Take control of the Holy Grail 100 times"
"Quest For The Holy Grail"
Pvk2 kill grailcarrier 15x.jpg "Kill 15 enemies holding the Holy Grail"
"The Last Crusade"
Pvk2 shutout hg.jpg "Win a game of Holy Grail without letting the enemy teams get a grail kill (12+ Players)" The Crusader

Last Team Standing

Last Team Standing
"First Blood"
Pvk2 lts first blood.jpg "Get the first kill in a round of Last Team Standing" The Valiant
"Immaculate Immortals"
Pvk2 shutout lts.jpg "Win a game of Last Team Standing without losing a single teammate (12+ Players)" The Immortal
"Final Strike"
Final Strike.png "Get the final kill in a round of Last Team Standing (12+ Players)" The War-Hardened


"Hey, That's Mine!"
Pvk2 kill chestcarrier 1x.jpg "Kill an enemy that is carrying a chest"
"My Precious!"
Pvk2 kill chestcarrier 50x.jpg "Kill 50 enemies that are carrying a chest" The Greedy
"A Chest To Die For"
Pvk2 kill withchest 1x.jpg "Kill an enemy by tossing a chest at them" The Practical
"Madoff With The Chest"
Pvk2 chest special capture.jpg "Use the chest special to capture a chest without dropping it along the way" The Deceitful
Pvk2 forgpine all chest win.jpg "Win a round on Forgotten while your team has control of all chests (12+ Players)" The Wealthy
Pvk2 3chests 1life.jpg "Capture three chests in one life in Booty" The Treasure Hunter
"Heart Of Gold"
Pvk2 shutout island knights.jpg "Win a round on Island as the Knights without letting the enemy teams capture a chest (12+ Players)" The Impenetrable
"This Is Why You Can't Have Nice Things"
Pvk2 return chest 30x.jpg "Return 30 chests stolen by the enemy" The Booty Defender
"Pop, Lock, And Drop It!"
Pvk2 chest drop bash.jpg "Bash a chest out of your enemy's hands using your shield"


Developer/Tester Related
Pvk2 kill developer 1x.jpg "Kill a Developer or Tester"
"Biting The Hand That Feeds"
Pvk2 kill developer 10x.jpg "Kill 10 Developers and/or Testers" The Ungrateful
"A Worthy Sacrifice"
Pvk2 die from developer.jpg "Die to a Developer or Tester" The Worthy Sacrifice
"Part O' The Crew"'
Pvk2 in oog.jpg "Join the PVKII Official Game Group" The Crew Member
"Some Friend You Are!"'
Some Friend.png "Kill 15 enemies you are steam friends with" The Backstabber
"In Good Company"'
InGoodCompany.png "Play a full round with at least three Steam Friends on your team" The Social Butterfly


"Last Supper"
Pvk2 last supper.jpg "Died shortly after picking up a food pickup" The Messiah
"Purple Heart"
Pvk2 die10 nokills.jpg "Died 10 times without getting a single kill" The Fragile
"I'm A Mighty Pirate!"
Pvk2 pirate points 1k.jpg "Gain 1000 Points as a Pirate" The Mighty
"Valhal Awaits Me!"
Pvk2 viking points 1k.jpg "Gain 1000 Points as a Viking" The Bloodthirsty
"Knights Of Ni!"
Pvk2 knight points 1k.jpg "Gain 1000 Points as a Knight" The Righteous

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