Obtaining Skirmisher Achievements

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Pvk2 skirm play.jpg Skirmisher

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Skirmisher.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Pick Skirmisher, and break the speed limit to distract everybody else from winning until five minutes have passed.

Sword@Gunfight.png Sword At A Gunfight

Kill 10 enemies with your pistol who have recently damaged you with a melee weapon.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: If you can persuade a ranged class to fight fair against your cutlass, cut them to ribbons and shoot them in the face for their trouble. Berserkers can't reach you without a special and haven't got a shield to block your shot. Gestirs and Men-at-Arms have shields so you might want to surprise them by drawing the pistol during a roll, just in case they really want to block you from getting this achievement. When a Heavy Knight is About to be Pushing Up the Daises, he may have as much as 63ehp left. Not recommended.

Pvk2 skirm kegkill 500.jpgPvk2 skirm kegkill 2x.jpgPvk2 skirm shoot keg kill 2x.jpgPvk2 skirm kegkill 4x.jpg Keg Whore, Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch, Keg Stand and Premature Detonation

Kill 500 enemies with the keg. Kill 4 enemies with a single keg. Kill 2 enemies with a single keg. Kill 2 enemies with a keg by shooting it with the flintlock.

Difficulty:Very Easy, Very hard, Very Easy, Very Easy

How to: Rather than using the keg at the start of a fight to scatter and distract enemies, hopefully making them more susceptible to your teammates (and each other) use it during a fight to obliterate weakened enemies. If you kill yourself with the explosion, you'll respawn with a new keg so you can blow your enemies up again, and again, and again, and again...

Co-ordinate with other Pirates to launch your explosives simultaneously (with yours lagging behind a little bit) on Trinket Wars maps where everybody will be indiscriminately engaged in combat with everybody else.

Stroll up to a battle with a lit keg, drop it in your enemies' midst, look down, and shoot it to blow yourself and your foes to kingdom come. Blowing yourself up won't count, but it's more reliable than trusting your flintlock and your enemies (or teammates) to go where you want.

Pvk2 skirm kill special 2x.jpg Did I Do That?

Kill 2 enemies with a single cutlass lunge special

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: If you failed to achieve Keg Stand by only weakening two enemies with your keg instead of killing them, finish them off with your special.

Pvk2 skirm cap first.jpg Early Bird

Be the first one to capture a territory or booty on your team by yourself as a Skirmisher.

Difficulty: Easy

How to: The ease with which one might rush to a territory or chest as a Skirmisher is undermined by enemies showing up shortly after to make things difficult, and teammates turning up to "help". The only territory map on which it is reasonable to attempt this achievement is Sandstorm, while on the booty maps, it's completely down to your determination to snatch up a chest. On the maps with locked chests, spend the start of the round charging your special so you can recover a chest post-haste.

Scurvydog.png Ye Scurvy Dog

Kill an enraged Berserker with your pistol.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: A raging Berserker is one of the few things that you can't quite outrun, so this is actually somewhat dangerous. The simple act of enraging himself bestows +50hp on the madman, which your flintlock won't take off in one shot. You'll either need at least two shots, which is unreliable and slow considering the beast bearing down on you, or to first slash him with the cutlass once or twice. If he's About to be Pushing Up the Daises, one shot will finish him off (unless he still has armour).

Alternatively, find one that's found somebody else, and shoot them in the back! Just like a real Pirate!

Pvk2 skirm kill withkegtoss 1x.jpg Why Did I Bother Lighting That?

Kill an enemy with a tossed keg.

Difficulty: Hard

How To: Equipping and lighting the keg takes so long that your target may well die from old age (or blood loss) before you can even attempt throwing it at them, if they decide to stick around instead of retreating to resupply, that is. Fortunately, you can use your opponents' tendencey to retreat and resupply to your advantage. Hang around in areas with pick-ups, and light the keg when you hear combat nearby. You can't engineer the right circumstances with any reliability, but with some luck, you'll find somebody with 5hp or less to toss the keg at.

The keg will need a small amount of distance between the two of you to even let you throw it, but it will quickly lose momentum so stay close. It's also best if your opponent is moving directly at the keg, and at speed. If you fail, just stab the keg with the cutlass to respawn and start over.

Pvk2 skirm dinah.jpg Dinah

Failed to realize the usefulness of the cutlass.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: This is a secret achievement. You have to miss all 6 pistol shots, use the keg to get a special but no kills, and then waste the cutlass special. At no point may you use the cutlass in any other way, else you might realize its usefulness, thus failing to meet the requirements of becoming a true PVKII noob.

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