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Is this a multiplayer or singleplayer game?

This is a multiplayer only game, but offline play will be available soon.

Is this game free?


Where can I go to learn how to play?

Please follow this link, if you'd like to learn the basics

What kind of game modes are there?

Currently the mod features Booty, Holy Grail, Territory, Push, Team Deathmatch and Last Team Standing. Others planned for future releases include: Relic, Siege, Slay the Dragon and more.

Will there be any new classes in PVKII?

Yes, in later builds we plan to have 6 classes per team.

  • Pirates: Skirmisher, Captain, Sharpshooter, Freebooter, Swashbuckler and 'Ealer.
  • Vikings: Berserker, Huscarl, Gestir, Seio-Kona, Jarl and Bondi.
  • Knights: Heavy Knight, Archer, Man-at-arms, Assassin, Cleric and Lord.

Why are there only 10 classes available?

This is a public beta. More classes will be added in future releases as a lot of time and work goes into creating them.

What classes are next?

We're working on the Knight Assassin. No dates set yet for when the next release will be.

Why does my PVKII lag?

Most of the choppy lag is caused server-side. Try playing with the tickrate and other variables. If this doesn't help you may need to lower your game settings.

What is a good amount of players?

Every player will have a preference, some people like 3-9 players, and other likes 18-24 players. Generally the pvkii experience of rambunctious combat hits it's peak around 18-24 players. If you're looking for slow-paced duels then 3-9 is the right amount.

Weapon/Class X seems too weak/strong. Why?

Although in some situations one class excels over another, all ten are balanced for combat. If you're having trouble with a class try playing it differently, as there's a bit of strategy to the combat. Game modes will also be balanced out as more classes are added.

What teams does PVKII have? Can we be expecting any new ones?

PVK is Pirates, Vikings, and Knights! Not Pirates, Vikings, Knights, Ninjas, Samurai and Mutated Walrus Hamsters (Although the Walrus Hamsters are being considered).

What kind of environments will we see in maps?

Across Medieval Europe, the Viking northlands, Caribbean, areas from myth, legends and more.

When can we expect the next version?

If you keep an eye out on our forums and news, you may catch a release date. If one hasn't been specified, we have no set release date and bugging us to tell you is futile!

What commands can I use in console?

This page should contain every single command you can use in pvkii: Conlog.txt (Careful, it's pretty huge!)