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The Assassin

Also known as: The Lady of Bamburgh

Assassin render.jpg
General Info
Introduced in Beta 4.3
Health: 100
Armor: 80
Speed: 245
Damage required for special: 165

This Scion of royal heritage threw her family's ambitions away when she decided that stabbing was her true destiny.


Silent swift steps, quicker crouch-walking and a higher tolerance for heights permit Assassins to approach from above, below, and indeed, from right behind with nary a whisper to betray their movements. The slightly less silent yet still significantly swift Stiletto delivers crippling backstabs from behind, but if a target should have the foresight to turn around before the killing stroke, it comes paired with a Parrying Dagger to repel medium-sized weapons.

The compact crossbow pistol projects all-wood bolts over medium distances, keeping you relevant even when in plain sight, and helps distract your enemies from your scattered caltrops which, when inevitably stepped on, will ensnare them for your teammates to close in and finish off, with you nowhere to be seen and long since gone...

Editor's note: The higher tolerance for fall damage never made it into the live game. Darn.

Voiced by: Elle Osili-Wood



Stiletto & Parrying Dagger

Crossbow Pistol


Stilettonew.png Crossbow pistol.png Caltrops.png

Stabbing, slashing, and thrusting attacks coming from above, both sides, and dead-center.

Primary shoots the crossbow pistol, alternate fire aims. Can move slowly while reloading.

Throws caltrops on the ground that damage and slow enemies stepping on them. Alternate fire tosses them backwards.


45 (charged), 38 (not charged)


40 (aimed), 20 (unaimed)



Backstab multiplier


Headshot Damage

60 (aimed), 30 (unaimed)





Starting Ammunition


Respawn Time

30 seconds

Direct Combat

Not Recommended

Maximum Ammunition


Slowing Effect

20% reduction for 5 seconds

Special attack: Smoke Bomb

This special equips itself in place of the held weapon

When the special meter is full, press the special button to procure and deploy a simple yet effective smoke bomb.The smoke will conceal you for six seconds, during which your speed is increased by a factor of 1.35 up to 330. A cloaked Assassin is almost impossible to discern, but just in case, enemies within 100 units of the smoke bomb's impact zone will be blinded and stunned.


Pvk2 assassin play.png "Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as an Assassin." the Assassin
"Royal Assassin"
Pvk2 assassin stiletto dmg 100k.jpg "Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the stiletto." the Royal Assassin
"That's What She Said"
Pvk2 assassin 25 kills with assistant.jpg "Finish off 25 enemies with a teammate's assistance." the Finisher
"It's A Trap!"
Pvk2 assassin xbow kills caltrops 15x.jpg "Kill 15 enemies with the crossbow pistol while they're under the effects of caltrops." the Murderous
Pvk2 assassin capchest one round 10x.jpg "Capture 10 enemy chests in one round." the Jelly
"2 Fast 2 Furious"
Pvk2 assassin stilettokill each class.jpg "Kill one of each enemy class using mainly your stiletto without taking any damage." the Furiously Fast
"Deadly Arts"
Pvk2 assassin caltrops kills one life 2x.jpg "Kill 2 enemies with caltrops in a single life." the Angel Of Death
Pvk2 assassin capchest nodmg one life 2x.jpg "Capture 2 chests in one life without damaging any enemies in between." the Taffer


  • A wordier description of the Assassin:

Most comfortable in shady alleys, gloomy dungeons and dark castle halls, the Assassin strongly prefers not to be seen. Really, don’t look at her. She hates it and she’ll cut you.

In service to the Earl of Bamburgh as spymaster, at court and abroad she schemes, plots, spies, blackmails, steals, embezzles and kills to further the noble goals of her good Lord’s house. Operating from out of sight, she knows precisely when to use her natural guile to remain unseen and when to brutally eviscerate all who oppose her.

Intrigue, evasion, deceit and cunning are the core of her devious toolkit. She’s not above dirty tactics to trick and outmaneuver her opponents – some people might say that makes her dishonorable, but those idiots are as dull as rusted iron. To them, her methods make her a lying, cheating, sinful, poisonous, backstabbing no-good cowardly murderer.

To her, that’s just another day at work.

  • The Assassin is not only the Earl of Bamburgh's spymaster, but also his daughter, according to rumor.


  • Assassin Render
  • Earliest known concept art of the Assassin made by Corvalho from the PVKII Developer team
  • Concept art of the Assassin made by Hengishammer from the PVKII Developer team
  • Stiletto Render
  • The Assassin's facial flexes in action.

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