Obtaining Archer Achievements

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Pvk2 archer play.jpg Archer

Play a full round lasting at least five minutes as a Archer.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: Pick Archer, and play some Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II for five minutes.

Pvk2 archer sword dmg 100k.jpgPvk2 archer butterknife kill.jpg I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! & Butterknifed!

Amass 100,000 points of damage against your enemies using the shortsword. Kill 25 enemies using the shortsword.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How to: The shortsword comes in handy when your teammates seem to be blocking all of your shots, and for finishing off enemies that rush you before you can land a killing arrow. It deals more damage than the bow can in close-range, as well. Ambushing people with it helps if they keep running away or avoiding you. If you're looking for kills in a fair fight, switch to the longbow and flick uncharged arrows at your opponents if they back off briefly to weaken them safely (before you/they re-engage dangerously).

Pvk2 archer kill 100ft.jpg Robin Hood

Kill an enemy with the crossbow or longbow from 100ft.

Difficulty: Easy

How To: The longbow is well suited to achieving this, so long as you make the effort to attempt the long shots necessary, and pay attention to how your arrows arc at such a distance, it's as good as got.

Pvk2 archer ssbowkills 75x.pngPvk2 archer dominate sharpshooter.png Phluck You! & War, War Never Changes

Kill 75 Sharpshooters using your longbow. Dominate an enemy Sharpshooter.

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: If a Sharpshooter is using his pistol, you can beat him. If he uses his rifle, it's anybody's game. If he headshots you, you're dead. Avoid rifles, let teammates engage them to draw their fire, and play on maps with predictable spawn locations so they can't spawn next to you and take your head off before you know what's happening.

Clay Pidgeon.png Clay Pigeon

Kill 20 enemies while they are in mid-air using either your longbow or crossbow.

Difficulty: Easy

How to: Your victims will instinctively jump to put more distance between themselves and where they think your arrow will go. Wait for the jump, snap your sights on them, and shoot 'em down. You may want to use the crossbow to deal extra damage, but either bow deals plenty of damage regardless.

Pvk2 archer bowkill parrot 15x.jpg Cornish Game Hen

Hunt down 15 enemy parrots with the longbow

Difficulty: Easy

How to: It's simple enough to hit a close-range parrot if you can concentrate, but forget about it if you're under pressure. Best to bring it down en-route as it hovers between strafes. Help your teammates out by shooting the birds circling their heads, as well.

Pvk2 archer hit consecutive arrows 15x.png Cornish Game Hen

Land 15 consecutive arrows

Difficulty: Intermediate

How to: Hitting people with arrows is not the tricky part of being an Archer, it's hitting people trying to not get hit while trying not to get hit by people trying to hit you that's tricky. Antagonize a Huscarl so he follows you and flick uncharged arrows at him until you get the achievement. Make sure you're not thrown off by a sudden roll or jump. If all else fails, only take shots that you are 100% certain will land on a valid target.

(I don't actually know if shields count as a valid target. I would assume so.)

Pvk2 archer bowkills three 10seconds.jpgPvk2 archer kill special 2x.jpg Legolas & It's Like Weakness Water Three!

Kill 3 enemies with the Longbow within 10 seconds. Kill 2 enemies with a single longbow special.

Difficulty: Very Easy

How To: These two go hand-in hand, since shooting three arrows normally would take about 3/4s of the available time, and a fourth would put you over the limit. Trinket Wars is recommended due to people constantly getting into fights and things, rather than sitting in bases watching the tickets tick by.

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